Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 14, 2012 - Fisherman Bay fireworks and sailing camp

It's our annual Fisherman Bay 4th of July fireworks trip.  This is also our daughter Cindy's birthday trip as her birthday is on July 3rd.  This time our niece from the Boulder CO area will be with us.  Cindy and Bekka are good friends and Bekka is only 1 year older than Cindy.

The week after 4th of July Cindy and Bekka (and 6 other kids from La Conner) will be in a week-long sailing camp.  Everyone has really been looking forward to this experience!

Our small flotilla in Fisherman Bay, Lopez Island.

4 very different boats.....
SportFisher, Cabin Cruiser, Coastal/Ocean Cruiser, Sunbridge overnighter.
Our first "cruising" boat was just like the one on the right (Bayliner 28' Contessa).
Now we have the big one next to it (Hatteras 48 LRC). 

Another great fireworks display by Lopez Island

Nice fireworks!

The girls, and Zappa playing in the water.

Could you ask for a better evening?  Anywhere?  Perfect!

Climbing the rocks on beautiful Sucia Island.

Bekka and Cindy pose as a WA State Ferry passes by.

Playing in the pool at "The Islander Resort"

First day of class;  getting familiar with the boats.

Fletcher (teacher) hangs out in gale force winds (not).

Now that's a lot of people in a small boat...

Vaughn, what are you doing?

Good times at sailing camp!

Vaughn at the tiller, Aidan manning the mainsail.

The whole class:
Captain "Red Eye" Russ, Braden, Cindy, Vaughn, Grace, Bekka,
Mason, Aidan, Fletcher (teacher), and Will.

Final Exam time: Aidan and Mason tip over their boat,
then right it, and then sail it back to the dock.  Good Job!

Our friends on their way home from "Sailing Camp"

Crazy weather;  that's a major lightning storm behind us.

Cindy's 10th Birthday.  Kevin on the left.  Cousin Bekka on the right.

Chocolate fountain!!!!

An hour before fireworks.  Cindy is "tooting" an air horn.
Kevin is tooting something else  :-)

Bekka having fun behind the wheel.  

Bekka guides us past "Thea Foss", a famous NW yacht.
Here's a good page with info about the 1930's 130' Thea Foss

Exploring the tidal pools at Patos Island.  Canada in the background.

Amazing rock formations on Patos Island

The kids harvest a large Bull Kelp.  

Playing around in China Caves, Sucia Island

Rock climbing China Caves.  This is better than a playground
climbing wall !

Bekka enjoys driving the dinghy.  Headed for Little Sucia Island.

Bekka says "swim faster Cindy, it's cold water!"

Beautiful Sucia Island

Steve, Kathy, Kevin, Bekka, and Cindy.  Sucia Island.