Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 16, 2013 - Kiket Island, Watmough Bay, Aleck Bay

It was a Lopez Island weekend.  We hoped to make it over Friday night but the currents at Deception Pass were not favorable.  So we headed to our favorite Deception  Pass "staging" anchorage; Kiket Island.  The bridge at Deception is visible from our boat there and it's a short hop in the morning when the current is slack.  We had a nice night on the hook at Kiket and even convection microwaved two Papa Murphy's pizzas for dinner.

Monday morning we pulled the anchor and motored over to the Pass at slack current and enjoyed a glassy smooth crossing of Rosario Straight.  There was only one other boat in Watmough when we arrived.  We dropped the anchor and got a great set (or so we thought).

Zappa and Cindy take a nap on the Pilot Berth

Cindy and Kevin playing in the sand.  Mt Baker
just over the top of our boat in the background.

Checking out the marsh next to the trail.

Hiking the trail to the top of the cliffs.

View of the bay from 400' up.  Spectacular!

The rope swing is still here.  It's been here for years.  Our kids love it.
Our friend Doug's sailboat on the left.  Adagio on the right.  You can
clearly see one of the stabilizer fins through the water.

Cindy and Kevin out rowing around Watmough Bay.
The next morning the wind was blowing quite strongly.  We were getting dangerously close to Doug's boat so we decided to pull the anchor and move to a new location.  When the anchor came up it was absolutely covered with seaweed.  There must have been 20 pounds of the green stuff stubbornly clinging to our anchor.  It took Kathy a while to clear it all off.  we waved goodbye to Dave and Carol and motored out of the bay and headed to Aleck Bay on the south end of Lopez.  This should take us out of the wind.  We arrived and there were no other boats in the bay, and there was no wind.  We dropped the anchor and rowed into the beautiful sand beach.  Ah, this is much better!

Rowing to shore in Aleck Bay
Time for a beach nap in the sun, Aleck Bay

Kevin out rowing, Cindy ready for fun in the sand.