Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 13, 2013 - Sucia, Stuart, Wescott Bay, Fisherman Bay, Friday Harbor, and more.

This was our usual 4th of July trip to Fisherman Bay on Lopez Island, but with a twist.  This time, nieces Ayla (13) and Bekka (12) from Colorado were with us.  This is a two week trip, and we also arranged to have additional family near the end of the trip.  Steve's Sister Pat joined us for two days, and nephew Robert from New York also joined us for two days.  At times we had seven people sleeping on Adagio, and the new accommodations proved to be ideal for "overflow" sleeping.  In fact, even with seven people on board we could have still taken two more guests, and everyone would have been in a comfortable bed.  We are VERY happy with the reconfigured master stateroom and v-berth.

Some of the highlights of this trip include:
- 4th of July fireworks in Fisherman Bay on Lopez Island
- Celebrating Cindy's 11th birthday onboard
- beach fire with smores, and our own fireworks in Griffin Bay, San Juan Island
- Zip-lining through the forests of San Juan Island
- Hiking to the lighthouse on Stuart Island
- Playing in China Caves on Sucia Island
- 1 week of sailing camp for the kids on Lopez Island
- Incredible weather for the entire two weeks (not a drop of rain)
- Introducing our niece Ayla to the cruising lifestyle, and sailing

The red dots are where we anchored during our trip

SUCIA Island:
Low tide exploration at Sucia

Great eroded sandstone features

Rock climbing at China Caves

Exploring China Caves

Beach time on Sucia.  Ayla, Bekka, Cindy, and Kevin

Jumping from the Pilothouse level

The girls contemplate the BIG jump from the boat deck

They go for it!

Hanging out on the swimstep after jumping off the boat.
Cindy, Kevin, Bekka, Ayla

More great sandstone features

The girls go sailing on our sailing dinghy.

Cindy, Ayla, and Bekka wash their hair.  Guess where they
have to go next to rinse the shampoo?  Yep, the sea !

Ayla checks out some of the large seals.  Or are they checking her out?
STUART Island:

Cindy and Ayla begin a new day at anchor.  Nice and calm.

The lighthouse keeper's building on Stuart Island.

Steve and Kevin hanging out on the flybridge.

Kevin and Kathy washing their hair in the salt water.
Zappa takes a nap in the sail.

Kevin and Cindy find a Garter snake on the trail to the lighthouse.

The girls out sailing
WESCOTT BAY (San Juan Island):

Kevin takes the big plunge from the boat deck

Playtime in the warm waters of Wescott Bay.

The gardens and British Camp.  A remnant of the famous "Pig War"

Bekka enjoys floating around in the tube.

We went zip lining near Friday Harbor.  It was great fun!

Cindy leaving the launch pad on the first Zip of our tour.

Ayla, Cindy, and Bekka learn to trust their gear by hanging off the edge of
the platform, which is about 50'-75' off the ground!  Scary.

Our intrepid Zippers.  Bekka, Cindy, Ayla, and Kevin.

The entire group, with our two guides.

Cindy shows Bekka what a skimboard is, and how to do it.

Bekka takes a shot at skimboarding.  There's a steep learning curve though.

Kevin shows how you can make it turn once you get the hang of it.


Cindy, Steve, Kevin, Ayla and Bekka heading back to the boat after
swimming at the Islander Resort pool.

Kids entertaining themselves at the Islander Resort campground.  Beautiful.

Ayla and Bekka at the rocky shoreline of Iceberg Point,
Lopez Island.

Kevin at the helm of the Lido 14' during sailing camp.

All six boats out during sailing school.

Kevin in control while instructor Fletcher rides along as an observer.

Ayla and Bekka out with Fletcher.  Looking good ladies!

Party barge:  drive from your wood fired hot tub.  Wow, unique.

The kids hanging out in the hot tub at the Islander Resort.

Ah, the perfect end to a perfect day.  Typical summer boating sunset in the
San Juan islands.

Cousin Robert from New York takes the helm of our dinghy.  Fun!

Time to take down the sails and put everything away.
They did this for 5 days during sailing camp.

The whole sailing school crew:  Kevin, Bekka, Cindy, Ayla, Braden, Aidan, Grace,
Capt Russ (aka Capt Red-Eye), Tess, Fletcher (assistant teacher), Vaughn, Mason
and Will.  All the kids are from La Conner, except Bekka and Ayla, who are from
Colorado.  they are Kathy's nieces.

X-Games sailing?  Let's play "dodge the float-plane prop".  I love that game.

Fletcher sits on the rail while Kevin shows him what he has learned.

Bekka adjusts a sail while Ayla takes the helm.

A moment of drama for Cindy and Tess.  They almost went over.....


One of the 3 freshwater marshes at Griffin Bay

Making S'mores on the beach.