Tuesday, August 2, 2011

June 13, 2010 - hauling the boat out of the water

Right after our last trip out I noticed that one of the bilge pumps was running quite frequently.  I found out why.  One of the depth sounder transducers had been knock loose during the trip up the coast and was letting water into the boat.  The bilge pump is all that is keeping our boat from sinking!  I can't fix it in the water so the boat is going to have to be hauled out for the repair.

Since the decision was made to haul the boat, I have decided to take care of everything I can on the bottom side of the boat while it is out.  That means installing some new through hull fittings, replacing the bad transducer, having the props tuned up, checking the rudders and shafts, painting the bottom, etc.

I run the boat over to La Conner Maritime by myself and pull it into the boat lift. 

A view of the boat I hadn't seen before.  Waiting to be hauled out.

They get going on it right away.  Much to my surprise I see that we dragged a large piece of fishing net along with us when we brought the boat up from California.

The net that was tangled around the prop.  We were lucky it didn't damage anything.
After they pressure washed the bottom and put the boat on the stands I started checking out the bottom.  Not bad.  It definitely needs new bottom paint and the zincs should be replaced too.  I borrow a prop puller and take the props off so they can be set to a prop shop to be checked out.

The loose depth sounder transducer.  This gap let water leak into the boat.

Kathy helped me paint the bottom.  Two coats of Interlux Micron CSC.  This should hold us until just before we take off for Mexico in 2013.

Kathy applying the first of two coats.

This is a BIG boat.
After a lot of work, the boat was ready to go back into the water.  It was on "the hard" for almost 3 weeks.  What did we get done during that time:
  • New bottom paint
  • props tuned up and balanced
  • two new thru-hull fittings (both related to the toilets)
  • two new depth sounder transducers
  • two new cutlass bearings
  • shafts checked for straightness
  • three blue underwater lights (LED) at the transom
  • touched up the paint on the bootstripe (dark blue stripe at the waterline)
  • buffed and waxed the bootstripe
  • waxed the bos section of the hull because this is hard to do at the dock
  • new teflon packing in the shaft packing glands
  • new teflon packing in the rudder shaft packing glands
  • new zincs
  • repaired a few small osmotic blisters

    Pettit Barnacle shield paint on props and shafts.  3 LED lights on transom.
    Not a view you see everyday!  Those straps must be STRONG...

I motored back over to Shelter Bay and Kathy met me at the slip to help me tie up.  Now we can finally start using our new boat!  We bought it back in February and it is now the end of June and we've only been out once.  Next up is our annual 4th of July trip to Fisherman Bay for the fireworks.

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