Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August 17 - Sept 3, 2012 - Canada boat trip

Pictures and info coming shortly

10-14-2012:  Short update here:  I have been so busy the past few months that I haven't gotten around to posting any pictures of our trip.  The reason for being so busy?  I have been in a US Coast Guard class so I can get my Captain's License.  It's been a tough 2 months, but I just passed my last test yesterday.  8 weeks of classes (5:30-9:30 3 nights per week), 4 tests, and a LOT of study time.  But I'm not done yet.  As soon as I take CPR, First Aid, get a physical, take a drug test, 3 letters of recommendations, and get a TWIC card (Transportation Workers ID card) you can call me Captain Steve (50-ton Masters License).  After two months of grueling work, I think I can have my life back!  It might take me another 2 months to finish the rest of the requirements, but the hard part is done; passing the tests.

So, in the next week or so I will be posting pictures from our tip....  I promise.

11-08-2012:  I have finally gotten around to posting some pictures.  Enjoy!

Cindy taking the first plunge!

Anchored off Sand Island, BC

Anchored at beautiful Octopus Island's Provincial Park.

Rainbow in the Straight of Georgia

Interesting sandstone formations at Gabriola Pass

Our kitty "Zappa" goes for a kayak ride in Annette Inlet

Zappa finds a nice cubby to hide from the Bald Eagles

Great old tree stump at Reid Harbor, WA

Ah, life on the water.....

Cindy takes us for a dinghy ride 

Hanging out in Squirrel Cove BC.  Zappa is under the rock!

Dinner out!  Squirrel Cove BC

Deer crossing the canal that connect Squirrel Cove to a small lake

Snack time in Grace Harbor BC

Summer sun

Cindy takes us exploring

Kevin's turn to drive.  We are headed to a "cruisers cabin" where boaters
leave mementos scattered about.

The "cruiser's cabin" at Octopus Islands

There are thousands of items left here by boaters during the past 20 years

A primitive shower in Grace Harbor.  Cindy washes her hair.

I've got the whole world moon in my hand.  Clam Bay BC

Our boat Adagio, and our 10' Walker Bay sailing dinghy.  Annette Inlet BC

Cindy, fresh out of a week at sailing camp on Lopez Island takes Kevin sailing.

Hiking around Prevost Island, BC

Perfect conditions in Pendrell Sound

Anchored in the warm waters of Pendrell Sound

Kevin does a little cliff diving in Pendrell Sound

Cindy at the helm.  Prideaux Haven, BC

Playing on the rope swing, Pendrell Sound BC


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