Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012 - Project update

Progress seems to be going very slowly, despite my spending 10-12 hours a day on the boat.  But, I guess I've got a lot of projects going on and I'm jumping from one to another, so nothing is actually being completed, yet.  I work on one item, then move to another while glue/fiberglass/filler/caulk are drying/curing.  Things are definitely moving forward, but I'm a bit frustrated by my inability to check off much of anything substantial from my long list of tasks.  I'm sure at some point I'll be furiously checking them off, but not yet.

The 3 exterior doors are now ready for paint, after about 20 hours of my time.  A few days ago I soaked them with penetrating epoxy (4 coats at 1 hour intervals) and then let that cure for two days.  I sanded them today to get a good smooth surface, scuffed and ready for paint.

Sanding the penetrating epoxy so the high-build epoxy primer will
get a good grab.  It's a shame to paint these beautiful doors, but I want
a long lasting finish, and paint is the most durable and maintenance free.

I have rebuilt the salon sliding door upper track, and the side rail.  Both were damaged on the trip up the coast.  I have added several more screws to attach them to the wall, and I'm using 3M 5200 fast-cure marine structural adhesive/caulk to attach them.  They will NOT come loose again!  They will get painted white, just like the doors, very soon.  I cut (made) some mahogany wood plugs to fill the screw holes yesterday.  One last tighten of the screws in the morning, after the 5200 has cured.  Then I can glue in the plugs, trim them flush, and then soak it all with penetrating epoxy in preparation for the two-part epoxy paint.

The upper door frame reattached.  It is VERY solid now.

Close-up of the door stopper.  This broke off during the trip up
from California.  The door slammed into it over and over again
in rough seas.  It now has it's own big screw attaching it to the wall.
Next I have to tackle the pilothouse door frames.  One upper rail is loose and all of it needs to be repainted. I have decided to remove the lower salon slider rail.  It is slightly loose after the trip from California, and it is in need of paint.  I expect this to eat up the better part of a day.  Yuck.

I am just about done with the stern navigation light mount.  It's been a ton of work.  Way more time has gone into making this than I expected.  But hey, it's a boat, so that's par for the coarse.

The new light pod, almost ready to be painted.  A little more work with the
finishing filler and I'll be done.
I'm just about done prepping the flybridge for painting.  Maybe another day of work and it will be ready.  This too has taken a lot more time than I expected.  But looking back at it there was a lot to deal with.  I can't wait to see it get painted!!!

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