Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013 - moving forward

Not much to report.  I'm still waiting for the yard to install the stabilizer fins and start fabricating the hydraulic pump mounts.  I've pulled most of the wiring for the stabilizers and have made the main hydraulic hoses.  I've been working on our dinghy davit (the crane) and it is about ready to be put back o the boat.  I cleaned up both dinghies over the weekend and found the fast boat had a seized throttle cable.  It would only idle.  I also found the lanyard kill-switch was broken.  I've ordered a new cable and switch.  The dinghy should be operational again by the weekend.

The wood veneer has been glued onto the settee seat base as well as the beds in the master stateroom.  Our cushion guy has come out and patterned the new cushions.  We should have them in about 2 weeks. At that point we will have a working settee!  Oh, we still need a table.  I've ordered the pedestal base that bolts to the floor and will allow the table to lower enough to turn the settee into a spare bed.  I think I will just use a temporary plywood table top at first so we can fine-tune the exact shape and size.

The wood veneer applied.  What a difference that made!  There will be a big
drawer in that opening to the right.  All the rest is storage cubbies accessible
from the top side.  There is a ton of storage under the settee.

Settee taking shape.  The fabric we are having the cushions made with is very much
like the small sample (tan) sitting to the left.  Ours will be just slightly darker.
It's a super durable fabric that should withstand years of daily use.  It is very
stain resistant and should be cool in warm weather, and warm in cool weather.

New  raised dot floor.  This stuff is tough.  It is glued down
with a two part epoxy adhesive made just for this flooring.
It's not going to come off.

The lower bunk/couch in the master.  Now onto building the upper bunk, which
will be formed by the seat back (of the couch).  The seat back will fold up and
become the upper bunk when we need extra sleeping capacity.

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