Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18, 2013 - what is left to do, project wise?

Despite how much has been accomplished these past 6 months, there is still a ton of work left to do this year.

In the salon/galley:
  • Install a tile backsplash around the back of the galley countertop
  • Finish building the cabinet that boxes in the refrigerators
  • Build a storage cabinet above the upper refrigerator
  • Move the valances up so they touch the ceiling
  • Install 12 volt LED rope to the bottom of the valances
  • Install new window blinds in the relocated valances
  • Build several new drawers
  • Convert a plain wall into useful storage with built in book shelves and cabinets
  • Insulate the starboard exterior wall
  • Build a new TV enclosure out of nice wood.  The prototype is made of cheap plywood
  • Build in the surround sound DVD player into a cabinet
  • Install hinges and a pull handle to the freezer lid
  • Hook up the new freezer to the water cooled compressor
  • new LED interior lighting
  • get rid of the two bulky chairs and heavy table.  Get nice folding chairs that can be moved to cockpit when it's nice outside.  Also, folding them up will give the kids more floor space to play on.

Master stateroom:

  • install carpet pad and new carpeting
  • make a cabinet door front and three drawers
  • install drawer tracks to 3 drawers
  • install 2 high bilge water sensors near hydraulic stabilizer actuators
  • install car stereo and connect to existing in-wall speakers
  • install 4 reading lights, 1 for each berth
  • install NMEA 2000 multifuntion display.  It will alarm with: high wind, shallow depth, dragging anchor, and low battery voltage.  This will let us sleep well at night
  • install Corian counter tops to nightstand and dresser.
  • new interior LED lighting
  • new curtains over the portlights
  • build a shelf in a storage cubby under the bed for the sleep number bed air pump.  Run 110v power.

Master Head:
  • new flooring
  • skin base of toilet platform with teak veneer
  • LED lighting

Main Head:
  • new flooring
  • install new electric toilet.  Simple to use automated push button flushing.

Forward Berth:
  • build new over/under bunk arrangement.  A double bed up higher, and a single bed lower.
  • new wall covering
  • insulate the hull sides
  • new carpeting
  • run plumbing for a dedicated anchor chain washdown system
  • run wiring for remote control of anchor windlass (deploy and retrieve anchor from helm station)
  • install new rubber dot stair treads for better traction.
  • Re-skin the step faces with mahogany
  • install flush mounted red LED step lights on each step

  • new railing for boat deck
  • have new mounts fabricated and welded to radar arch for: 2nd radar, satellite TV dome, forward facing remote control spotlight, forward navigation light, PA/hailer speaker, various LED deck lights
  • Mount self-inflating liferaft to deck somewhere
  • New 5NM forward facing LED navigation light.
  • Complete anchor stabilizer system.  14'-15' poles that stick out to sides and a device hangs off the end of the poles and resists movement upward.  It greatly reduced the boat rolling from side to side while at anchor.
  • Wax the topsides towards the end of summer after the new paint has had a chance to really cure in the summer sun
  • install 12 volt rope light to cockpit side walls

Engine room:
  • Move the house batteries to space now available because I moved one generators sea water intake
  • install second inverter (our old one) as a spare.
  • install 2nd high output alternator
  • install transmission temperature gauges
  • install new fuel filters to both generators
  • finish painting engine room walls and floor with white BilgeKote paint
  • track down engine oil leaks.  this is a hard one.  Detroit diesels have a reputation as being "leakers".
  • install improved lighting
  • Adjust stabilizer hydraulic pressure.  Increase from 1200psi to 1350psi per Naiad recommendation for OUR boat, with very large stabilizer fins.

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