Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 18, 2013 - Gulf Islands, British Columbia

We just spent 11 days in the beautiful British Columbia Gulf Islands.


We dinghied from Annette Inlet to a small island to check out the small
shell beach.  It was worth it!
Kevin water skiing in Annette Inlet

Cindy goes knee-boarding

Kevin takes a spin on the knee-board

the kids head out for a sail, with healthy snacks in hand.

Kevin goes off to do some solo sailing.  He's only 8!

Kevin takes kathy out.  At this point, Kevin is a good sailor so Kathy can
relax and be a passenger  :-)


Beautiful Russell Island

Over on Portland Island.  These are brave kids.

Family photo on Portland Island.

Cindy does a little knee-boarding at Russell Island

Beautiful Russell Island white shell beach.


Kevin takes us to the beach at Sidney Spit

Our annual family photo at Sidney Spit


Kevin kayaking in the very interesting shoreline of Cabbage island

Dad!  We need a tow back to the boat.  And we are ready for a snack! :-)

Water toys.  4 people.  4 boats.  No waiting!

paddling an air mattress.  kitty on a rowboat.  Wow, is this normal?

Kevin rowing Dad back to the boat at sunset.  Does it get any better?

Breathtaking.   What an awesome summer.

Kevin and Cindy practice docking on the swimstep.
They are getting to be great sailors.

The Elston family PILE-ON

Kathy helps Cindy with her first swimstep launch

Cindy, and Adagio, on the last day of our wonderful trip.

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