Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6, 2014 - Oceanside CA

Oceanside is a beautiful town.  The main marina did not have a slip for us so they placed us on the periphery at the Coast Guard dock.  It was nice since that is on the side with the beach across the way.  It only takes a minute or two to get to the beach from here.  On the downside, the facilities (like restrooms and showers) are about a 10 minute walk away.  The several nice restaurants here are also about a 10 minute walk away.

One interesting thing to note about Oceanside is that it right next to Camp Pendleton (Marine Corps).  They apparently do live fire training here because as we were motoring over from Catalina Island we could hear loud booms that sounded like artillery.  It went on for hours.  Once here in the marina everything was silent for a day or so.  Then while playing on the beach one afternoon it suddenly sounded like a war zone.  Helicopters in the air,  Machine gun fire.  And the previously mentioned BOOMS.  We almost expected to see some landing craft headed for the beach and tanks rolling our way.  It was strange and something we are not used to.  

Kevin turned 10 years old on the 4th of November.  Not like regular school, we just took the day off and headed out in a rental car for some fun.  We presented Kevin with a bunch of options for birthday activities and he got to choose what we did.  We went to a mini golf place, then to lunch for pizza, and finally go kart racing.    Of course we did go and do some errands since we had the rental car.  Kevin received quite a few DVD's for his birthday so the evening was spent watching some of them.  

Kevin turned 10 on November 4th

Mini Golf.  One of the nicest mini golf courses we've seen.

Mini Golf Shark cage

Go Kart race

Go Kart racing

Once they graduate from go carts, I think this is next.  Looks expensive!

Opening presents in the (stark!) salon.  With blinds down it looks very beige!

Kevin decorating cupcakes for his birthday
 Steve's buddy John, who he has known since high school, was still with us from our time on Avalon on Catalina Island.  John's girlfriend Sunny lives in Oceanside so one evening she came over after work and we spent the evening together having fun on the boat.  They came back the next morning for a little breakfast with us, and they brought Kevin a wonderful birthday cake.  What an awesome surprise, Thanks John and Sunny!

John, Sunny, Steve and Kathy. 
Finished home school fairly early one day so we went out for a bike ride and toured the town.  Once again there is a nice bike/walking trail.  It went for several miles along the shoreline.  Very pretty.

Oceanside Marina Guest dock across the bay.  Adagio across the water on the
other side tied up to the Coast Guard Pier.

Oceanside Anchor.  That is the entrance to the harbor from the ocean behind the kids.

Biking along the waterfront.  Our bikes have been very useful on the trip so far.
More Boogie boarding.  First time the kids wore shorty wetsuits this trip.  Water is 65F
During the bike ride, Steve got a flat front tire.  That is the third flat time on the trip so far for Steve.  Nobody else has had a flat.  Fortunately, after pushing the bike through a several block long farmer's market Kathy spotted a shop that sold high-end road bikes.  We walked over and they replaced the tube for us in and we were back in business in just a few minutes, and for just over $10.  It's time to pack a spare tube and a pump with us when we go riding!  While there we asked if there were any good restaurants nearby and they recommended a burger place a few blocks away.  They had exotic burgers like Kangaroo and Buffalo.  We stuck with traditional beef, but they were excellent burgers.

We have witnessed several beautiful sunsets here in Seaside.  The weather has been perfect with temps in the low to mid seventies.  We keep commenting to each other what wonderful weather we have had since we left.  We think there have only been 3 days with rain (and they just a few sprinkles at that) in the 70 days we have been on this trip.  It's an endless summer!

Another perfect end to a perfect day in Oceanside CA.
Or is this Tahiti?  :-)

Cindy has been trying to get Zappa used to a collar and leash so she can go out walking with him, as if he were a dog.  Zappa is getting better, but he really doesn't like the open spaces we are seeing on the beaches around here.  I think he is so accustomed to hiding under bushes, shrubs, and trees back home so the eagles and hawks don't get him, that he feels vulnerable in these wide open spaces.

Tomorrow morning we leave for San Diego, which will be our last port in the US.  Wow, big changes are just around the corner.....

The kids take our cat Zappa for a walk on the great sand beach.


  1. It is so much fun following your travels! Wish Kevin a Happy Birthday from all of us, especially from Ian! Ian really misses him! We can't wait to see what is around the next corner of your amazing adventure! Love, Allyson, Bryan, Ian, Maeve, and Nora

    1. Thanks, we are having an awesome time. Kevin says thanks. He got some legos and movies for his day and did not have to do school. Lucky kid! Next stop will be Mexico!