Monday, August 3, 2015

July 31, 2015 - We are back home, safe and sound

This is a quick post to let everyone know that we are back in La Conner.  We had a great trip back home in the RV, despite some RV "issues".  We stopped at the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, The Great Salt Lake, and Craters of the Moon.

We will be posting more about these stops, and our trip home very soon.

Life has been very busy back here in La Conner.  Steve stepped right back into full-time work (he's a marine electrician working on boats/yachts in the 30'-60' range).  Amazingly, after just a few days after arriving home, Steve grabbed most of his tools and supplies from the RV and started working full days.  He's now got weeks of work scheduled.  Wow, that was too easy :-)

Kathy has been looking for a contract position (or perhaps a permanent job, if the right opportunity presents itself).  She already has quite a few good prospects.

The kids have been busy reconnecting with their friends.  There have been several sleeps-overs, a birthday party, a movie night, and more.  The kids are enjoying heading out on their bikes with their friends and riding around.  This is something new for them since returning.  When we left, the kids were not usually allowed to venture away from home for hours at a time.  Since returning their lives are a bit different.  Actually quite different.  They have grown and matured a great deal during our 10 months at sea and both Kathy and I feel that they are now responsible enough to leave the house and be gone without our supervision for extended periods.  It's a new world for them, I'm sure!

What does the future hold for us?  Well we don't really know.  We intend to return to our boat (in San Carlos Mexico) in late October or early November, after the hurricane season is over and the temps have returned to something more comfortable.  But, if Kathy does find a really awesome full-time job during her search for contract work, we will have to re-evaluate our boating future in Mexico.  Perhaps Steve will seek out some helpers to bring the boat back home, a trip of more than 3000 miles.  Or we might put Adagio on one of the yacht transport ships and have it brought back to the NW on a ship.  Or, maybe we will leave the boat down in Mexico and spend our vacation time cruising the Sea of Cortez over the next few years.  If she doesn't land that "dream job" we expect we will be back to the "Sea" later this year where will explore for 4-6 months, and then start the long journey home on-board our faithful boat.

We already miss jumping in the warm water and swimming with tropical fish.  We miss seeing sea turtles and dolphins on a regular basis.  The Sea of Cortez is a wonderful cruising ground with many opportunities for exploration and relaxation.  It is a magical place, to be sure!!!!

Here are a few pictures of our boat moving from water to storage.  It was quite a site to see Adagio going down the road.
Adagio being hauled out of the water
getting ready to go down the streets
we followed on bikes
at the stop sign

cars are now starting to back up
turning in toward the storage facility
blocking it in the work yard for a few days
moving to long term storage
Adagio squeezed in among all the sailboats

moving the hydraulic lift out from Adagio

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