Monday, November 6, 2017

November 6, 2017 - Future plans

Our original airline tickets home were for Nov 21.  We didn't have any idea when we would arrive in New Zealand, because the boat crossing from Tonga was entirely dependent on the weather.  We arrived sooner than originally thought we would, and as a result, we have a lot of time left before the flight home.  We could have changed the tickets and come home early, but since arriving in New Zealand, we have talked to quite a few people here that have told us of spectacular places to see.  New Zealand is made up of two islands, and we are currently on the north island, which you could spend weeks and weeks exploring.  The south island is reported to be even more spectacular.

We have decided to stay here and catch that Nov 21 flight home.  We have rented a car and are going to spend 5-7 days driving southward hitting the highlights we have learned about on this island.  Then, we will turn in our rental car in Wellington, walk on a ferry, and pick up a new rental car (still considered a one-car rental) in Picton, on the north end of the south island.

We will then drive south along the coast, seeing most of the "must see" places we have been told about.  Our final destination is Queenstown, near the southern end of the south island.  Queenstown is a huge travel destination with more than 3 million visitors every year.  This rivals Yellowstone back in the states.  We catch a flight on the 21st from Queenstown and arrive in Auckland about 4 hours before the flight back home.

We willbe posting as frequently as we can.  I can tell you already that is is going to be very difficult to select which pictures to post.  We have so many exciting places to visit.

Stay tuned.....

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