Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 20, 2014 - Avila Beach - Port San Luis

We left Monterey at approximately 5pm and spent the evening and overnight motoring to this wonderful bay. The water is getting warmer, we are now seeing a steady 62 degrees Farenheit at a minimum and upwards of about 65 degrees.  This is warm for us.  It was for the most part a calm and uneventful transit once again.  Cindy however, did not feel well and she and Zappa both got sea sick.  She recovered quickly though.  We saw only one other boat overnight heading the opposite direction.  It does feel lonely out here with no other boats  but at the same time nice not to have to worry about dodging other boats and trying to determine everyone's path.

Dolphins swimming the bow at night

Dolphin taking a breath at night
More dolphins riding the wake

Steve, Cindy and Kevin coming up from the mooring

Cindy and Kevin boogie boarding.  Adagio in the background

Dolphins playing in the bow wake

We would motor by what appears to be kelp beds but look more closely and you will see! First picture and second below.

Sea Lions in reality!
Coastline in Port San Luis by dinghy
The kids have had fun here, playing in the surf and boogie boarding.  Avila is a small beach town and quaint.  We arrived Friday afternoon and have had some nice weather.  The ocean swells do come in here but we mostly just go up and down without much rocking, the anchor stabilizers are of course helping.

Going to shore here is a bit different so we have not done any bicycling.  You need to drop people off at a platform and then bow tie the dinghy and drive in reverse to tie it to a ladder.  You then have to climb up and over this vertical ladder.  Wow!
Cindy coming up over the ladder and Steve finishing tying up the dinghy

Boogie boarding fun.  Broke one that was styrofoam.  Luckily we brought 3 with us!

Pelican fun


  1. Great dolphin pics! Why the tall piers? Gifts coming! Dad

    1. Hey Dad. There can be high swells here. They closed one pier near us yesterday as the waves were breaking and over onto the pier. We ware waiting out weather for the next leg south. We are just going up and down in the swells here! They have a free water taxi so today we will take that ashore rather than our dinghy. More boogie boarding I am sure! Thanks for presents. Kevin will be happy......