Friday, October 31, 2014

October 25, 2014 - Santa Barbara CA

We spent 4 great days in Santa  Barbara.  It is a great biking town with dedicated bike trails along the waterfront, as well as bike lanes in most of the major streets.  Our bikes saw a lot of use here.  One of our first stops (as usual) was to the visitors center/chamber of commerce where we picked up maps and tips about places to go and things to see.  We rode a few miles to the old courthouse, which was quite impressive.  Our next stop was up a long hill, through residential streets, to the old mission.  It was established in 1786.  That was enough biking for one day, with the big hills.  There was a wedding going on so we did not tour the mission since it was poor timing and parts of it were closed.  It is still an active Franciscan mission.

Over the next several days we rode to grocery stores, parks, a playground, several beaches, the old pier, and more.  It was a very pleasant stop, and we enjoyed our time there.

Here are some pictures from Santa Barbara:  

One morning I slept in and came up to see laptop people!  Guess we are not disconnected yet.

Biking around town, to the old Courthouse and to the Mission.  The Mission
was up a LONG hill.  It was a good workout for all of us.

At the Old Courthouse.  We went to the top of the clocktower
and the view was spectacular.

Our slip in the marina surrounded by some big (nice and posh) boats.......

Steve did a video conference using his smartphone,
with his friends back home who had gathered in Woodinville
one evening.  Steve says "great to see you Mike, Brian, Ted, and Ron!"

Sunset fun. Beautiful Santa Barbara

A whale of a tail from the back

A whale of a tale from the front.  Quite a unique bench.

The seawall keeping the marina safe.  The next day waves were crashing over
this wall.
The sandman arrives! A Cindy and Kevin creation
Every port town seems to have weekend sailboat races, fun to see!
All of these boats are getting ready for launch.

Great bike path along the waterfront.

Sometimes home school starts after washing the boat in warm weather at 9am!
This was Adagio's first bath since leaving two months ago.  She was dirty.

We extended our stay here by a few days due to weather, and we always found something to do.  Our next stops will be in the Channel Islands of Southern California.

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