Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 6, 2015 - Puerto Balandra

Puerto Balandra was an awesome first experience in the Sea of Cortez.  We have just one complaint however, and that would be the nighttime winds that we believe are the so called Coromuel winds.  These are winds that blow in the Spring and Summer around La Paz, spreading out roughly 20-40 miles.  They are called Coromuels.  The typical scenario is calm during the day, and then as the sun drops the winds pick up.  Sometimes 20, 30, even more knots.  They typically blow ALL night.  These winds are the result of cool air over the Pacific Ocean flowing across low land towards the warmer waters of the Sea of Cortez.  Basic weather rule: high pressure moves towards low pressure.  The days were just wonderful with minimal breeze, clear skies, and warm air, but the two nights were more than enough for us.  Although we had plenty of room in the anchorage, we were rocking a bit and had gusts to 30+ knots.  This gets a bit stressful for us adults (although the kids sleep fine) while we worry about every sound and motion, and constantly checking to make sure our anchor is holding in the high winds. 

Puerto Balandra is absolutely beautiful and now that we are in La Paz we can see why there are many daily excursions for tourists to the bay.  The water is still a bit cold (about 72 degrees) compared to the nearly 80 degree water we found at times on the mainland coast.  We enjoyed snorkeling the bay though.  We once again got to meet up with our friends on sv Flying Squirrel.  As we approached Bahia De La Paz in the morning, after our two day voyage from Isla Isabel, we could hear only bits and pieces of the cruisers net at 8am on VHF 22.  The lone vessel we could hear clearly was sv Flying Squirrel.  They announced that they were leaving and starting their bash up north to the USA.  After the morning net we hailed them but needed to wait until we had passed through the Lazaro Channel when we would have a more direct “line of sight” connection to them on the radio.  Our plans were to head to Balandra for a couple days and theirs where to stop there on their way home.  We were ecstatic to have another visit with Dave, Amy, Morgan and Matthew.  Our kids were all smiles, and Dave told us that his kids were grinning from ear to ear on their vessel as well.

Beautiful water, snorkeling, white sand beaches, and fun other than those nighttime winds.  

Adagio in the background at the anchorage
Snorkeling with sv Flying Squirrel
Cindy and Kevin on our way to shore
Up a small sand dune/hill looking into the bay further


Maybe they are trying not to listen to Mom and Dad asking for school or chores!
A new game - throwing sand balls and hitting them with flippers on your hands

more fun

Looking down at the anchor

sv Flying Squirrel coming over for a movie and conversation

sv Fkying Squirrel brought over some feathers so appa gets dressed up

Matthew, Cindy and Morgan snorkeling
Trying to fly down the sand dune with Matthew and Morgan from sv Flying Squirrel
Landing safely after flying
Kevin trying to fly off a jump
This ray touched Kevin's foot!
hanging out in the fine sand in the bay
spotted porcupinefish

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