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March 30, 2015 - La Cruz and Sayulita

We do not have many pictures from our short visit back to La Cruz.  We left Paradise Village the day after our family departed, and motored over to the La Cruz anchorage.  It was a stop to have some canvas work installed and to say goodbye to some folks.  The kids were upset that Chandro and Matero from sv Kenta Anae were not back from Canada yet.  We kept hoping in the few days we were there that we may see them.  Their dad Merle was there working in their boat and said that they might get to the Sea of Cortez in May, so who knows, we may connect up again!  The new canvas looks great and we can already see a difference with cooler pilothouse and salon.  We now have screen doors for the pilothouse so we can keep bugs out, let air in, and keep the cat from roaming the docks if in a marina.  Three nights at anchor and then one night in the marina.  We were leaving at 3am for Isla Isabel, a 15 hour run.
While in Banderas Bay we had put the Walker Bay dinghy down on the swimstep so we would use it more.  We were able to do a bit of sailing.  The afternoon winds are usually quite high so there is only a small window where it is not too rough out there for our little sailing dinghy.  On the other hand the kite boarders like the 20 knot winds!

Kite boarders enjoying the afternoon winds by our boat
They are moving really fast with good winds!
The kids out on our sailing dinghy

Cindy takes Steve out for a sail

A surf/wake board with a motor in it.  We saw this in Nuevo Vallarta on a dock but here it is in action

Here is the board in a little more detail from photos taken at the dock in Nuevo Vallarta.....................

We took the bus to Bucerias where we got off so we catch another bus to Sayulita, a town close to Punta de Mita but with no anchorage.  It is a known surf spot.  It was a pretty bus ride over a hill and down to town.  It was Sunday and the start of a holiday and holy week. The kids down here have three weeks off.  What a cute town and wonderful beach.  The beach was so very crowded though and reminded me of long Island beaches in New York where I grew up.  There were many people out there surfing.  The surfing looks really fun with a nice long run to practice on.  Next time we will plan to rent or have the kids take a lesson.  We played in the sand, walked around the town and had lunch before heading back on buses to La Cruz.  What a fun trip but way too short.  We would like to go back someday and spend a few days exploring Sayulita.

Walking through Sayulita
The crowded beach of Sayulita, this is a Sunday (prior to holy week)

On the morning net we heard a new vessel had arrived, a kid boat!  “Kid boat” seems to be the term used for us all.  The sv Pickles has four children on board between 10-15yrs old.  Since they were headed to the marina swap meet, we made sure to get in there and find them.  You know it would be easy to spot them, 4 kids!  We met as they arrived and planned to head to their vessel for appetizers and a drink later in the day.  The family has been out sailing for 7 years now, what an amazing family and history.   I had initially asked where they were from and as you can imagine, they could not answer since they have been all over the world.  Kevin had the chance to swing on their boson chair and had a blast.  The boys came over to play legos and for a swim a day later but then we were off heading north and had to say a goodbye.  We hope to see them again in the “Sea” as they are headed that direction in a few months.  

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