Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 16, 2016 - Eureka CA

We drove from Eugene OR to Eureka in one day, leaving at 7am before sunrise.  Once again, we drove in rain much of the day for this leg of our trip.  It has been wet, wet, wet!  Not sure we ever turned off our wipers in nearly 700 miles of driving.  The trip was beautiful and Spasimo, the RV, survived another day.  We did make a chore list of RV items to work on so that we can make it to our destination in San Carlos Mexico.

Rainy drive going west toward the coast on Hwy 38
Oregon Cranberry bogs were beautiful.
The Oregon coast.   Rugged and beautiful.
Driving through the Redwood forest, northern CA.
Trees of Mystery.  Billboards for hours prior to passing by.
We did  not stop but they do make it look inviting!
We heed these signs and keep our speed down!
While in Eureka and Steve was working on wiring a project car, the kids and I spent much time in the RV with home school because it poured rain for much of the time.  We did borrow a car and got to explore a little bit.
Kevin at Sequoia Park in Eureka. 
Cindy and Kevin starting the typing tutor software program.  Typing made fun!
The only day (daytime) without rain, Saturday, we went up to Mad River Beach to check out the surf and walk and play a little.  Not many people were out and the sun sure felt good.

Steve worked three solid days wiring his friends car, and had fun.....................

We were a little worried about this bridge, but we fit!
A tight squeeze leaving John and Judy's place in Eureka./

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