Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 19, 2016 - Desert Hot Springs CA

Our last few days in the USA included lots of driving but then fun filled!  Day after day it rained and poured!  Being higher up in the RV though, the spray from trucks was below us so the driving was not unbearable.  The RV is much nicer to drive now than when we brought it home last year.  It is now smooth and tracking straight.  It's a pleasure to drive compared to our experience last year coming home from Mexico.

After leaving Eureka, we were able to make it to Patterson Hot Springs.  As we arrived the front brake was sticking again so not only could everyone hear us (loud squealing), they could also smell our hot brakes as we drove by.  As we approached our site in the RV park there was an older man on the ground in cardiac arrest with people administering CPR.  The aid cars arrived a few minutes later.  We sure hope he is OK.  After we parked and Steve lowered and adjusted the leveling jacks, he noticed that one of the straps holding up the fuel tank had fallen to the ground.  Thank goodness the leveling jacks kept it from falling while driving.  Oh what fun our Spasimo is!  Steve fixed it while the kids got to swim in a nice heated pool for a bit before the day was over. 

In the morning, Martin Luther King observed, we drove to Desert Hot Springs near Palm Springs.    Steve worked on RV projects while the kids went for a swim in the pool.  

Large wind farm and then solar farm just west of the town.
Zappa still enjoying fuzzy blankets and not so hot weather.

We had plans for a short day to do some shopping and make some calls about RV consignment in AZ since once we reach our boat we really have no further need for an RV.  We are going to try to get it sold while we are out boating for the next 7 months.  Steve also called the RV repair shop to hopefully get some resolution on new tires we had to purchase in WA after just purchasing new tires in AZ last year on our way north.  We are still working on that issue.  We played on a large pool table (people there said it is the largest in the world and in the Guinness book of world records), showered, and played some shuffle board before leaving at around 11am.  It was nice not to get up early and have to spend the entire day driving. 

Cindy taking aim on the world's largest pool table, or so we were told.
Playing shuffleboard before we leaf in the morning.  What
a change in the weather.  Washington, Oregon, and half of
California were nothing but rain, rain, rain,  Now sun and warmth!

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