Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016 - San Carlos MX

We left our home in WA on January 12, 2016 and drove 1,950 miles to San Carlos.  Ten days later we arrived and were ecstatic that the drive was over.  In the RV we do try to stay strapped in and observe the rules of the road.  We can make good time because the rest stops and breaks for meals are minimal and very quick.  Also we can move around and be more comfortable in the RV compared to a car.   This road trip south was different than our trip 6 months ago when we were headed home and stopping at many great locations.  This was a trip with one goal' get to the boat as quickly as we can.  We did not plan on any sight seeing during this trip.  There are many places we would like to see in the USA but our RV is large and not good in snow and inclement weather.   We had a plan of one stop for Steve to work in Eureka, CA which did take us a bit out of the direct route, but it also allowed to avoid a few mountain passes during winter.  Also, one stop in Green Valley AZ to visit friends, but that was it.  

Arriving in San Carlos, cute town and glad to be back.
m/v Adagio as we approached her after 6 months away, already in the work yard.  
The salon with surf boards and kayaks over the settee.  We covered the inside of the windows with
foil to reflect the intense summer heat.  We left the blinds down as an additional layer of
Working on Adagio in the work yard.  Bottom sanded and ready for new paint.
Kevin and Cindy hard at work.  Tarps were torn to shreds and did not help too
much.  They were cutting them loose to throw away.  The sun destroyed these
tarps in less than 6 months.
Cindy sitting waiting for Adagio to move, and our bike ride to follow the
boat to the water.  On another day, while shopping, a woman approached me and said
"My baby says your daughter is beautiful."  Nice to hear and true! Her baby
was a young teenage boy.  We said "gracias!"  Cindy giggled for a while.

Moving the hydraulic lift under the boat.  Slow and precise movement
Steve in the midst of the hydraulic trailer and bottom painting where the blocks
were so we get a new coat on the keel.
Waiting for the boat to get ready to move.
Steve shaved off too much of goatee and mustache and thus the facial expression!
Adagio balancing on the lift for transport to the water!
Adagio coming out of the yard.  Spasimo the RV is to the left which is where we
slept each night.  Then we walked into the yard and worked all day for 6 solid days
getting her ready for the water.
Leaving the Marina Seca storage and word yard for the water!
Kevin liking shade from the boat and Kathy following
Going down the road at maybe 5mph to the marina.  Not a long trip, but is was slow......
Last stretch to the Marina San Carlos and water!
Cobblestone road, palm trees and even cactus.  Typical clear blue skies.
Moving along the road, close to the water, beautiful landscaping....
Adagio is as tall as a two story building.  This is the very nice marina office for
the San Carlos Marina.  It is quite nice here,  Backing her into the water!
Finally back in the water.  The motors fired up instantly with no smoke or issues.
Refloating Adagio went flawlessly.

A time lapse of us preparing m/v Adagio for the water.
See us in the work yard and then moving to the water.  
Cindy managed this project......

Being in the water and back aboard our second home (Adagio) has been wonderful.  We did not sleep on her in the work yard, which was allowed, but because she was sitting bow down and listing to starboard we chose to stay on the level RV.


  1. Welcome to the swamp. Can't wait to run into you guys.

  2. Hey there! Good to hear from you. Hope we do get to see each other but we are not headed to La Cruz this year. You are puddle jumping right? We are excited for you if so!

    1. No jump this year. Want to spend another year in the Sea!

    2. Great, I imagine we will cross paths. Missing kids here, no kid boats! Say Hi to everyone for us and see you soon.