Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 16, 2016 - Isla Tiburon - Bahia Monumento

We decided to leave at 9 pm for a 12 hour run north to Isla Tiburon, a Seri Indian territory and the largest Island in Mexico.  The night run was very unpleasant (hobby horsing again) but weather was due to get a bit worse before getting better in a week.  We expected the south end of the island would have good protection from NW winds.  After anchoring, Steve and I went for a 2 hour nap.  The afternoon brought some waves from the NE into our anchorage of Bahia Perros (Dog Bay) so we decided to move around the corner to Bahia Monumento.  Once we moved around, the seas were calm and the fun began with some swimming!  There are no other pleasure boats here, just fisherman in panga’s that seem to be harvesting those Murex shellfish. 

The first night was calm as could be with not a sound except for our pumps from refrigeration making noise.  It was nice to feel rested in the morning.   We spent 4 nights here and other than some swells from the side a couple of nights, we had wonderful sun and calm winds.  We started playing the card game Hearts each night.  One night we even had the loser of each hand get to choose the Sirius XM radio station.  That station remained until the end of the next hand.  We had some interesting music playing!  We have also been playing a lot of Boggle, another fun game.

The days have been up to about 80 degrees but the water is around 62.  The kids have been wearing their wetsuits some of the time when playing in the water.  The surf boards are out and Kevin was towed behind the dinghy a bit.  One afternoon the kids melted chocolate chips by the sun and covered peanuts and pretzels for snacks later.  We got a magnifying glass out to add to the fun and burn paper and chocolate chips! 
We had two great hikes up the hills.  There is certainly no one out here except a few panga fisherman.  Our last night a Mexican navy ship came in so we had company although they were anchored quite far from us.

The bay looking east.  m/v Adagio in the background
Kevin jumping on the cushion
Cindy jumping on the cushion
Kevin and Cindy racing for the boat

Cindy climbing the rope - hard work
Cindy on the surfboard

more water fun
Getting ready for a hike
Cindy trying things out with a kayak paddle
Kevin tow surfing!

more Kevin tow surfing
Kevin stretching
Kevin and Kathy enjoying the water

Net fisherman circling the fish.  They then bring the net in and collect the fish
The bay looking west
A bird eating a fish on top the cactus
the beautiful cactus with Cindy
This incredibly beautiful cactus

Relaxing on the bow

Zappa with his special grass plant.  He loves it!
Melting chocolate chips for chocolate covered peanuts and pretzels
burning paper and chocolate chip with magnifying glass
Playing Boggle
Finback whale coming through the bay
The whales coming through the bay.  We have video but too large to post.

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