Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016 - Change of plans!

If you have been following our blog, you know that our intent was to ship the boat home quickly, regroup and re-provision, then take off for a summer of fun in Alaska.  Well, we aren't doing that after all.  Why, you might reasonably ask....

Well, while we were leaving Puerto Escondido about a month ago Kathy took advantage of our Telcel cellular-based internet and did a little job searching.  She found a few very enticing jobs close to home and submitted her applications and resume.  A few weeks later she got an email from one of them requesting a phone interview.  We were in an area with cell coverage so the kids and Steve took off on the dinghy for an hour while Kathy had her interview.  Kathy felt it went well, but also that she could have answered some questions better.  The next day she got an email from the prospective employer stating that they wanted to check her references.

Several days later we loaded our boat on the ship in La Paz and got in our rental car to drive south toward the airport at San Jose Del Cabo.  About an hour into the drive Steve's cellphone rang with a Mt. Vernon number that we didn't recognize.  Kathy answered and it was the employer calling to make an offer of employment!  It was a great offer, for a job Kathy was excited about.

But, Kathy still had questions about the job, wanting to know more details.  She made arrangements for another phone conversation with "her manager".  Plus, there was an additional job of interest and while in the Cabo airport, Kathy made arrangements for a discussion with them at our next stop in the Phoenix Airport.  Then after that discussion they scheduled an additional interview the following day with additional people.  Now, two positions close to home gave us reason to believe that Alaska would not happen and that there are local opportunities in the Information Technology industry that are exciting to Kathy.

That second job didn't turn out to be a great match for Kathy's skills and interests.  But the first job sounded even better after she had that phone conversation with her new manager.  Kathy accepted that first offer and is VERY excited about the job.  

Life brings adventures.  We have enjoyed our extended voyage and are now ready for what may come ahead here in La Conner.  We never had the plan to leave La Conner permanently, although we left our options open, and we kept our home.  Now as life would have it, we can return to where we began this trip, Steve with his business and Kathy with a new opportunity in employment, and excitement for whatever comes next.  Cindy and Kevin are excited to be home and to see friends and family.

Again, this blog will likely not be as exciting as it has been in the past.  We have plans to post a few entries about what's it is like living on a boat for a year and a half.  They will be written by our children, from their perspective, so they might be interesting......


  1. Congrats Kathy! Another wonderful adventure to enable you to go to Alaska at another time. Alaska will still be there. Hugs