Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 2017 Adventure

Steve and Cindy have an exciting adventure that begins next week.  The two of them are going to help relocate a beautiful Nordhavn 60' yacht from Tonga, in the South Pacific, to New Zealand.  In order to get to Tonga they have to first fly to Fiji, where they will have a 3.5 day "layover".  That's enough time to get to explore Fiji and experience the culture.

After several days in Fiji, they hop on a plane that will take them to Tonga.  Once in Tonga, they will be waiting for good weather for the ~1200 mile trip to New Zealand.  The weather could be right for the passage as soon as they land, or there might be weeks of waiting.  So, how much time they have in Tonga is unknown, and will completely depend on the weather.

Once the conditions are right, they will shove off and motor for about 6-7 days across open ocean.  Cindy and Steve hope to stop the boat at the Tropic of Capricorn and go swimming in 2 mile deep water.  After arriving in New Zealand, they hope to spend at least several days exploring before flying back home, and back to real life.

Cindy will be bringing school work with her.  She is potentially going to miss up to a month of school.  Fortunately she is a 4.0 student, so her teachers are all OK with this absence, although she will be bringing homework and assignments so she doesn't get behind.  Her Astronomy teacher is particularly excited because Cindy will get to see the southern sky, from the ocean, where there is NO light pollution to obscure the faintest objects in the night sky.

Follow this blog for updates on the adventure.

The Nordhavn 60 Steve and Cindy will be travelling to New Zealand on.

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