Monday, October 23, 2017

October 23, 2017 - Zip Lining in Fiji

Today we headed to the mountains to do some zip lining.  It was an interesting cab ride through the back roads (dirt) and up into the lush forest.  We were supposed to take a small tour bus, but they never came for us and instead sent a cab.  The cab driver told us a lot of interesting factoids about Fiji, and pointed out many things we would have never noticed.  Once at the zip line facility we saw coffee plants, pineapples, bananas, exotic birds, frogs, salamanders, and hiked to a waterfall which, unfortunately, was not very exciting due to lack of water.  It is heading into the dry season here.

Despite it being the dry season we were treated to a tropical downpour.  On our hike to the waterfall the clouds opened up and it rained about as hard as either of us have ever experienced.  We were completely soaked in a matter of minutes.  It would be hours before we were dry again.

Getting ready to zip.  Got our gear on.

Steve on his first zip.  Unlike the zips we've done before, here the rider
controls their speed by applying pressure with their hand on the lower cable.

Cindy ready to zip inverted.  It's a bit scary.

No hands AND upside down!  Brave!

Crossing the (dry) river.  Looking good....

One of the coolest decks I've ever seen.  The wood for this came out of the forest
we would hike through a little bit later in the day.

A wild pineapple, in it's native environment.

Perhaps the most interesting tree I have ever seen.

And an other

Arriving at the waterfall.  Not much water today.
We missed the rainy season.

These tiny frogs where everywhere around the waterfall.

Cindy crossing on a log.  Why?  To get to the other side!

Cindy stands where there would normally be water flowing.
A VERY large rock in the middle of the jungle.  

Today was a fun day.  The zip lining was quite exhilarating, and beautiful.  We went around the zip line course 3 times, then had lunch, followed by the hike to the waterfall.  The forest is lush, green, and almost jungle like.  The Fijian people are VERY friendly and helpful.

An afternoon well spent.

Tomorrow afternoon we fly out and go to Tonga so we can meet Jerome on "Daybreak", our ride to New Zealand.  We will also meet Paul, the other crew member onboard.  I don't know how much time we will have on Tonga, but we are hoping for at least a couple of days.  Then off to New Zealand!

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