Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 2, 2014 - Bon Voyage Party

Thanks to our friends and family for coming to say goodbye last night!  We had a "Bon Voyage" BBQ party at the Shelter Bay BBQ area next to the marina.  We estimate that more than 100 people attended our going away event.  I guess people really want us to get out of here!

We were so busy talking to our guests that we didn't take any photos.  Bummer.

We left our boat open for people to go check out and at one point I looked down and there must have been 15 people up on the flybridge, with more inside.   I left out a few before pictures in various rooms so those unfamiliar with the boat could see all that we've done to Adagio.  She is a vastly different boat compared to when we bought her 3 years ago.

It was great fun last night to see so many of our friends! 

Thank You!!!!!!

Here is a picture that Kathy took this morning when she walked down t the BBQ area to clean up a bit more.

Blue Heron sitting on one of the dock ramps

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