Friday, August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014 - Neah Bay to La Push

What a great day today.  We fueled up in Neah Bay and then motored out past Cape Flattery in the fog and down the coast to La Push.  The fog lifted just as we approached Cape Flattery, the very tip of WA state.  We experienced fog and choppy seas but overall great conditions for the transit.  There was almost no sea swell.  The boat is working great, with nothing to fix so far.  Our first Bar crossing was entering La Push.  Seas were calm so our entry was easy.  The marina is small and basically we only had one choice for a full length slip.  The regular tennant is out fishing at WestPort.  We hope he doesn't come back tonight!  We are one of the biggest boats here.  The docks are rickety and there are only a couple cleats to tie to.  Fortunately it will be a calm night, so there is no worry about our 60,000+ pound boat overloading these old wood docks.

We took a little walk around the Indian village of La Push and ended up on a nice sand beach with breaking waves.  The kids played in the surf for about an hour.  They had a great time trying to outrun the waves as they washed up the beach.  La Push is set in a very scenic location.  It is beautiful here with rugged islands and spires dotting the jagged coastline.

Tomorrow we have another long day of motoring to get to Grays Harbor where we will spend Sunday exploring.
Cape Flattery

Entrance to La Push

Cindy playing in the surf

Kevin and Cindy in the surf

More surf fun

Weather changes quickly, this is within an hour of prior picture!

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