Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 10, 2014 - Thank you, and and update on our plans

Thanks for all the well wishes and questions on when we plan to leave.  Right now we are hoping to leave the Shelter Bay dock between the 20th and 25th.  As we get closer we will post a more definitive day and time.

Our weekend has been occupied with trips to the dump, two yesterday and two today.  Yesterday we emptied a garage full of items (from two boats and leftover building supplies from building our house).  Ten years of many things.  I was surprised to find out we had about 2500lbs with about 200lbs from the house and the rest from the building materials (home and boats) from the garage.  Well, that was yesterday.  Today, our 18th year anniversary of marriage, we had more fun spending time emptying out a crawl space at Steve's sister's house that had items from when we moved up here prior to building our house.  All I can say is out of sight, out of mind! We forgot most of it was under her house.  Confused, don't worry, just too much stuff!  Much of today was metal which was recyclable for free (thank goodness for the environment and our finances), but we had about another 2000lbs of items (no typo there).  Wow, over 2 tons of things to get rid of.  Keep in mind, all of the clothes, toys, and other reusable items were not included, we obviously are giving away items that can provide for other families.

The house is about ready to show as a rental.  We live still in the house but have had the carpets cleaned so everything is sparse around here.  We sleep on a mattress on the floor and the kids have a folding cushion each.  We have some clothes in closets but not much else in the regular living space.  Much of our remaining time will be spent emptying the first floor rec-room/craft room and the garage to prepare it for rental.

On the boat, Steve has now installed the watermaker, both radars, most of the other electronics, and is getting ready to install a new water heater.  It is a 30 gallon unit compared to the tiny 10 gallon water heater that was 30+ years old and full of rusty sediment at the bottom.   We are starting to move items to the boat for our trip.  We hope we can remember where we put everything!

-Kathy, Steve, Cindy, Kevin, and the cat Zappa

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