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December 31, 2014 - Mazatlan

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Mazatlan was a nice stop.  Well, OK, an excellent stop.  We not only stayed at a marina, but a marina RESORT!  Resort, yes, and reasonable prices.  We were able to use their pools and attend any events. I, Kathy, got to play water volleyball one day.  Kevin and I watched a movie on lounge chairs one evening outside projected on a big sheet.  Ok, it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but still pleasant.  They came by and gave us popcorn too.  Most of all, the kids spent hours every day swimming, diving, and jumping in the pool and hot tub.
The pool at the marina; Cindy jumping in
in the caves of the pool

Kevin going down the slide

Cindy sliding

Cindy, Kathy and Kevin in the hot tub

Cindy and Kevin in hot tub, Steve lounging behind

 One morning we rode our bikes to the other marina and around through the waterfront area.  It was interesting but we were glad we got into the resort marina since it had all the amenities, and it was cheaper!.  The other marina was even a bit farther from old town Mazatlan.

One morning we took the bus for $10 pesos (about 70 cents) each into old town Mazatlan.  It was fun to walk around. We were not able to find maps at the resort and were happy to see "tourist helpers" near the main market with maps and information for us.  Looks to be retired Americans that live there and volunteering to help tourists.  

Walking through old Mazatlan

Huge church, in the center of old town.
It is THE landmark when wandering
around.  If you get lost, look for the church towers.
The town mercado.  A very large market with everything imaginable for sale
from produce, meats, fish, hats, and all sorts of tourist items.

Looking south from Old town Mazatlan

Lunch at a fun restaurant called the Shrimp Bucket

Beautiful sculpture on the waterfront of Mazatlan

Looking north from Old Town Mazatlan
A few marina shots:

Cindy and Kevin checking out the Iguanas that are around the pool

Marina from one of the pools.  You can just see Adagio.
In Spanish it is pronounced Ah-Dah-Hee-oh

Marina from other side at entrance.  Water taxi takes you back and forth

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