Friday, January 16, 2015

January 15, 2015 - BF - Mexican Restaurants

Mexican Beach Restaurants
I think Mexican beach restaurants are very different than American restaurants. Even though food is served slower, being so close to the ocean helps entertain people. I usually play in the ocean waters (boogie boarding, body surfing, and surfing) or play in the sand until the food comes. We constantly see that the restaurants look almost the same, they are all slower at serving food, and giving us the bill takes longer.

They all have buildings that look cheaper than American restaurants. The roofs are made of palm tree leaves, almost all restaurants have sand floors, and have no walls. Usually palm trees are really close to the restaurant. Tables and chairs are made of plastic, there are tablecloths on tables, and there are umbrellas that give you shade.

I think that Mexican food is pretty good. The food does take a while and same with the bill. I think Mexican and American restaurants are still pretty different so I can’t say ones better than the other.

By Kevin Elston


  1. Nicely done, Kevin. Go Seahawks!!!
    Aunt Dufus

  2. Good job Kevin. Say hi to your family. Hope to see you all again soon. svNamaste

  3. Yeah dear, the food served at Mexican restaurants and Las Vegas restaurants has an unforgettable taste. So, I will go with your opinion here and I am also grateful to you for sharing this post.