Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015 - BF - USA vs Mexico

There is a vast difference between the cities and towns of Mexico and the United States of America, but they are also very similar. It is very interesting to see how much they vary.

The U.S. is very different from Mexico in many ways. The buildings here are constructed to accommodate the types of weather and heat they have here. When you walk around here you see trees growing out of the sidewalk and dirt roads and sometimes no sidewalk at all, but when you are in the U.S., you see paved roads and maintained sidewalks. Also the buildings here are very different. You will see barred windows or doors and light-colored houses but when at La Conner you see mostly dark-colored houses and no bars on any windows or doors. Also here I have seen that most of the time they use wood that is just parts of trees and they also use palm tree leaves on palapalas (a roof that is an open air building, no walls, and is used to block the sun). We use wood that has been milled and our walls are usually closed in.

The U.S. is also very similar to Mexico. We both have trees, mountains, plains, and beaches. We have wildlife, and so does Mexico. Mexico also has plenty of hotels, especially on the beaches. Also there are plenty of cars, bikes, motorcycles, and buses. There is also plenty of wildlife, just like the U.S. There are also many cruisers that you see around here, roaming the beautiful clear ocean waters. There are also some cruisers in the United States, but not as many. Also if you were to swim in Mexico, you would notice that the water is VERY salty.

                Mexico has towns and cities that are VERY different from the U.S. in many ways. I have been able to see many towns, from small to pretty sizable. They all seem to have dirt streets off the main roads and bars across windows and doors. A major thing that I’ve noticed is that there are so many motorcycles here.  Have you ever been to Mexico?

By Cindy Elston

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  1. Nice comparisons, Buttercup. I love reading about all the experiences you all are having on this trip. Keep up the good work.
    Aunt Doofus