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January 25, 2015 - La Cruz

Two weeks of fun in La Cruz for sure!  There is so much to say about our time here.  Six mornings a week, there is a cruiser’s net that is just incredible.  Everyone joins from locations around Banderas Bay at 8:30am on VHF Channel 22A.  Each day it seemed that there were approximately 70 vessels plus multiple local establishments from marine businesses to restaurants.  La Cruz is known for it’s music scene and almost every night there are bands that start around 7pm.    The Kid’s club is small but has been wonderful for Cindy and Kevin.  Beach camp sleepover, movie night, Crazy Science Friday and more.  The Sunday market was exceptional and the town small is quaint and very friendly.  It was here we caught up with a family we met briefly in El Sid Mazatlan.  The husband said he knew he had met Steve before and he had figured out that they met in Marine classes in Anacortes 4-5years ago.  While at Taco Tuesday buffet at Charley's Place, we spoke with a couple that knew two other vessels from the Umbrella Dumpers group (sailing group we became a part of).  The two vessels we spoke of were still in La Paz and they had met them coming down the coast of Mexico.  Then while speaking to a girl, 12yrs old, from SV Puddle Pirate, we spoke briefly of a family we met in San Diego A-9 Anchorage and she said their names right off the bat and then we believed we may have been there at the same time without realizing it.  It is a small world out here.

Kevin and Cindy have made several new friends here, and we all have been enjoying the town which is definitely gringo-friendly, but has a very authentic Mexican flavor.  The environment here is nothing like the hotel zones of the big tourist destination towns, although Puerto Vallerta is only about 10 miles away.  We much prefer this environment compared to the totally Americanized tourist destinations.

Kevin swimming in the almost 80 degree water

La Cruz Sunday market, an incredible market well worth the visit!

Many puffer fish out here. We caught this little guy and released him a few minutes later, very cute!

We moved the hammock to the boat deck.  Was nice up there (but in the sun)

Kevin driving us to shore on the dinghy


Science Friday was microscope science - blood, hair, puddle water, ocean water, sugar crystals

Bringing Matero and Chandro out to the boat for Lego and Nerf action

Kevin running the kids net one morning.  Kevin was the "net controller"
There are many opportunities for cruising kids to take on new challenges.

Blessing of the fishing fleet of Panga's from La Cruz, they went to Bucerias for
the rest of the festivities.  This is a 70 year tradition and is a BIG deal.

Blessing of the fleet

Pelicans hanging out on the fishing Pangas.

Kid's club camp out at the beach.  Bon fire!

Kid's club camp out.  Now check out the rake's with marshmallows on each tine.
Neat idea to do a ton at once! 

At the Sunday market

Jesse and Neil from sv The Red Thread, one of our last sightings of this fun couple.
We traveled nearly 1000 miles with them and the Umbrella Dumpers, but it wasn't
until La Cruz that we really got to spend some time with them.  We will mess them.
They are headed to Costa Rica, then off to Australia.

Incredible sunset

Steve and I waiting for the Cambio (van) back from Bucerias to La Cruz.  Seems they come by every few minutes.
40 minutes van ride and only 9 pesos each way (less than a dollar).  Boys played with some friends that allowed us to not have to take them for some grocery shopping

Another Boobie bird

Another nice sunset
Matero and Chandro with Kevin in a nerf gun war in the salon.  Kevin HIT!

Movie night at Marina La Cruz.  We saw two movies here.  The kids have a
separate movie night in the VIP lounge every week.
La Cruz farmers market.  Two nights a week they have this.  Mostly it is for the local
restaurants, but cruisers are welcome.  Very fresh, and very cheap prices.  Score!

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