Monday, February 23, 2015

February 19, 2015 - Carrizal

In most of the locations we anchor, there are villages, towns or resorts.  Carrizal is a small cove with no population or development of any kind, which was a nice change.  We motored into the secluded bay after a short passage from Barra, and were startled at one point as we passed a very loud blow hole in the rocks on shore.  It was a surprise and was something we knew we would check out later in the day once we were settled.  There were two other sail vessels already in the small bay and we anchored further out in about 30 feet of water.  Large hills surround this cove and seem to make us feel small within their walls.  After a couple of hours, we decided to put the kayaks down and check the reef for snorkeling.  We had seen some jellyfish on our way in so we were a bit concerned.  These were similar to the moon jelly back home with no trailing tentacles although a bit different in that they were longer and had a solid white round sport in them.  A panga with tourists came in and people dropped into the water to snorkel with only swim suits so we knew it was safe.  Also, we never saw the jellyfish in the reef area just at the entrance to the bay.  We were close enough that in this anchorage, we could snorkel to the coral reef from the boat so the big dinghy never even went in the water.  The snorkeling was spectacular!  The coral reef was just beautiful and seemed to be thriving.  After finishing our snorkel, another sailing vessel came in.  Soon a very nice girl came up to our boat and introduced herself as Zoe from the sv Zoe B.  Zoe has a twin brother and they are 11 years old.  The following day after both families' kids were finished with home school, the kids got together to play.  Sometimes with parents around it is difficult for the kids to get to know one another so Steve and I went out in the kayaks for a ride, stopped by their vessel and told them they could go over to our boat to meet and play with Cindy and Kevin.   Well the rest is history as they get along well and have a lot of fun together. 

Cindy and Kevin got to go over to their vessel and swing from the main boom (like a rope swing) and also jump off the bow.  That was followed with fun on the kayaks and then a water war.  They had many fun hours in the afternoon sun, playing in the warm water.

We did more snorkeling the next day, and got to talk a little more to the parents on sv Zoe B.  They have been coming to Mexico boating for more than 10 years.  They spend about 5 months of every year on their sailboat, in Mexico.  The rest of the year they live on their ranch in the mountains near Castle Rock Colorado (and leave their boat in Mexico, ready for the next season).  That sounds like a nearly perfect life to us!

View from the beach of Carrizal
mv Adagio and sv Zoe B looking out of the bay
The colorful reef and fish made the snorkeling very interesting.
Angelfish swimming over the coral reef

spotted star clinging to the coral

Reef cornetfish
Kathy goes Kayaking
Zappa gets a very strange kayak ride.

Steve in front of a very noisy and powerful blowhole

Video of the blow hole.

Kevin jumping off the bow of sv Zoe B
Cindy swinging out on the line from the boom
Hal, Zoe, Kevin and Cindy, upside down kayak balancing
Cindy and Zoe getting ready for water war
water wars. it was boys against girls, Kevin and Hal here in one kayak

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