Monday, February 16, 2015

February 15, 2015 - Melaque

Melaque was a short stop for us with a cute town and may have been fun to stay another day or two.  We anchored and it was a bit rolly out there.  We wanted to get to the market so did not stern anchor as some of the books suggest.  We quickly asked about the Wednesday market and found that a bus was best so we got on a bus for a 10-15minute ride.  The market was cute but not the amount of vegetables I would have liked.  They did have a variety of items from clothes to crafts.  When we returned we had a bite to eat and then went out to the boat close to dusk.  We were bummed that a sailing vessel anchored right behind us so putting out a stern anchor was now not an option.  Mistake not to have finished that before we left.  The markets close up about 2pm so we would have missed it had we not left right away.  The following day we moved to Barra de Navidad and found that the same vendors were there on Thursday and in walking distance from the dinghy tie up area as we had seen in Melaque on Wednesday. 
Melaque, just beautiful!

The local market.  OK., there are craftspeople but here not seen!

Kevin finally got mango on a stick.  He is now hooked!

It has been fun watching the fisherman in the panga's here.  I could not resist taking pictures of them and the birds that follow..........

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