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February 5, 2015 - La Cruz Anchorage

Two last days in La Cruz.  After leaving wonderful Paradise Village we again dropped the hook in the La Cruz anchorage.  We were going to stay just one night, which quickly turned into two.  Our friend’s the McAsseys had a surprise birthday party for their son Matero the day we returned.  We could not miss that.  It was at a local pizza place (excellent pizza) and during that party Cindy and Kevin were invited to spend our last night in La Cruz at Matero and Shandro’s house.  They had a great time.  The next day Kathy and I helped the McAssey’s begin to move out of their house back onto their boat, and to let the kids have one more day together.  We really like their parents, Allison and Merle.  They are Canadian’s that started cruising about 8-9 years ago and ended up staying, and working in La Cruz since 2008.  Merle is a marine electrician just like Steve, and Allison started a yacht management business in La Cruz.  Merle and I (Steve) share a lot in common, besides having the same career.  Mountain biking, dirt biking, snow skiing, water sports, cruising, and more.  Merle and I never ran out of things to talk about, and we hit it off from day one. 
While getting to know Merle and Allison we got to learn a lot about living in Mexico, raising kids here, working here, starting your own business, etc.  It was very interesting, and actually provided an unexpected option for us.  With the McAssey’s departing in April to resume their cruising life, Merle is leaving a very big void in the marine electrician business here.  I (Steve) could almost jump right in and take over his business.  We seriously contemplated living here for a year or more to immerse ourselves in the Mexican culture and to enjoy all that La Cruz has to offer, while making American wages in a place where the cost of living is substantially less than in America.  Steve went and talked to several American business owners in La Cruz to get different perspectives on starting a business here.  In the end we made the decision to pass on this opportunity and to continue cruising.  The paperwork for an American is almost overwhelming, and got even tougher just a few months ago.  Getting parts and supplies into Mexico is painfully slow (think months) compared to back home where Steve could order a part and have it next day.  Plus we would need to buy a car, perhaps rent a house or at least some shop space, and try to start a business just as the “slow season” hits.  Merle and Allison (and an American who owns a marine supply store in La Cruz ) said that there is almost no marine work during the summer, that they make almost all of their money in the Fall and Winter when all of the cruisers are here, and when all of the “local” boats are also in use.  Summer is filled with storms and hot weather and is the off-season here.  Terrible timing for us to try and start a business with very little income at first and a new set of fixed expenses like marina moorage, car insurance and fuel, perhaps shop space rent, etc.  It did pencil out to be a very viable option long term, but we did not come to Mexico so we could relocate and start working again.  In fact, that is almost the exact opposite of why we are here.

After about 3 weeks in the Puerto Vallarta area we sadly had to say goodbye to our new friends to continue our southbound exploration of the mainland coast.  We thoroughly enjoyed La Cruz and it will always hold a special meaning for us, as it was touch and go for about a week whether this would become our new home.  It’s amazing how life is full of endless possibilities if you are open minded enough to see them.

Matero's birthday - kid's table for pizza

View from the McAssey's house

Adagio through the palms way out there

View from the house.  Part of the cruiser's anchorage with lots of boats.
The kids working on trying to start a fire with 150 matches (no kidding).
No bon fire that morning.

Matero, Chandro, Cindy and Kevin at the McAssey's house
 Our last evening before leaving at dinner time we experienced a momma whale and her baby.  The baby whale, again and again, breached out of the water with Mom next to but in the water.  Below are a couple pictures.  Then there was some whale tale action, flapping again and again.

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