Wednesday, December 9, 2015

July 10, 2015 - Salt Lake City, Utah

As our journey north continued we passed the Great Salt Lake.  We decided to stop and say we swam in it.  We found a very nice park and stopped for a few hours.  But the water was very muddy and as we waded in, it just did not seem inviting.  The lake appeared to be low, almost 10 feet or so. In fact, the boat ramp was closed due to low water levels.

We stayed just north of Salt Lake so our next leg would take us into Idaho where we would visit Craters of the Moon.  Staying north of Salt Lake City would would let us avoid having to transit a major city at rush hour in our big bus-like RV.  We try to avoid rush hour now that we are driving this monster.

Standing in the water, too muddy to go for a swim
Zappa gets some time outside
Our small home.  One bike on the back, two up top and one folding bike inside.

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