Sunday, December 13, 2015

July 12, 2015 - Parma idaho

We had called my Aunt Mary Helen and uncle Hans to see if they were around as we would be going by their house, quite close, on our westward trip.  We were lucky that they were and so very inviting for us to come to dinner and stay overnight.  We had gotten up early and spent the morning at Craters of the Moon and then drove several hundred miles to see them..

What a wonderful evening we had.  My cousin Jodi, cousin Helen, husband Brian, cousin Chris, and Chris' daughter Jodi, I don't believe I had seen  most of them since our wedding in 1996.  So great to catch up with everyone.  A wonderful dinner and spending time with everyone.

Kevin, sitting in a ski chair Uncle Hans made.
Morning photo before leaving from left to right:
Cindy, Zappa cat, cousin Jodi, Aunt Mary Helen, Uncle Hans, Kevin, and Kathy

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