Sunday, December 13, 2015

July 13, 2015 - Cle Elum Washington

We are a mere 150 miles from home but already spent a long day traveling to get here to a park in Cle Elum, WA. We also want to arrive home early in the day so we have time to unpack the RV which needs to stay in the marina parking lot for the weekend.  According to rules, we are not allowed to spend the night in the RV so we need to remove ourselves from it.  Our house is rented so going to our home is not an option.  We planned to stay in a house that was unoccupied for the last four years, not empty, and not ready for us to move in, so we knew we needed time to get it cleaned up enough to be able to sleep there on our first night back.  We plan to stay there for a month or two until our renter's move out.  Plus we will need time that first day back so we can chat with some of our neighbors and friends who know we will be back tomorrow.  So arriving early tomorrow is a  strategic move!

Beautiful Cle Elum River
This is so close to home yet we have never been here!
Great trail along the banks of the river
Last Day, tomorrow home.  It's been:

304 days on the water from the day we left.  And how many nights on the water?
-  Kids, minus 2-3 nights on land (sleepovers with land-based friends in Mexico)
-  Steve, minus approximately 10 nights on land purchasing an RV in Arizona
-  Kathy - and proud of it, NO nights on land

Total trip:  320 days

Total Distance:  estimated 4,500 nautical miles by boat
                          estimated 2,500 statute miles by RV

.................we are not exact on this, Why spend effort on this figure, it's the journey, right?

BTW, we left our boat in San Carlos Mexico, so now we need to continue our journey and go back and bring it home.  More to come on our departure date from La Conner, WA this time by RV rather than boat!

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