Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dec 12, 2013 - not much visible progress

It's been a slow week on our boat, but I've been back working at my job again, which has taken away a good portion of my time for our boat.  I don't see much in the way of visible progress on our boat, although a lot of little stuff is getting checked off the list.  I now have a pile of parts waiting for Sal to paint;  the three doors, the steps to the flybridge, the bottom liner of the anchor pulpit, two side panels that go outside the pilothouse doors, and a few aluminum brackets and supports.

I'm pulling out all 4 portholes (port lights, technically, when they are a window) so that I can replace a broken one and reseal the rest.  We had problems coming up the coast with water coming in the port lights when we buried the bow in the heavy seas.  I now know why.  The sealant that was used 35 years ago has let go in several places.  The way it is constructed the water can get in, and then migrate slowly to the inside of the boat.  I am going to fix it permanently by fiber-glassing the wood support that the port light attaches to.  This will prevent water from migrating through the wood (there are some gaps in it).  It should be a permanent fix.  I have bought two new port lights to replace the two in the vee-berth.  Instead of the "privacy glass" it originally had I am installing clear glass so that you can see out.  That's kind of a safety thing for me.  If I'm sleeping and hear a noise, or feel an unusual bump/motion, I like to be able to quickly look outside to see what is going on.  That wasn't possible before.  Interestingly these port lights are still manufactured.  And you will never guess who makes them.  The Fuller Brush Company!  How strange...

I'm slowly mapping out the radar mast modifications.  There is a lot that is going to be installed on the mast and I want to really think it through and get it functional without looking totally cluttered.

The radar mast in the garage.  Trying to get everything figured out.

So far I'm got a second radar, a satellite dome, a remote spotlight,
anchor light, weather station sensors, forward and side facing lights,
a rear facing PA speaker/monitor, a rear deck light, a high powered
aft light (to illuminate the shore at night, in a storm), a rear facing camera.
Oh yes, there is also a forward facing white navigation light.  Can't forget
the lightning rod either.

Wow, that mast is going to undergo some major changes.  I have some ideas for tucking things into dead spaces and voids so it won't look so busy.  But, there will be a lot of stuff installed on this mast.

I continue to pick away at the preparation for exterior painting.  I have that cockpit ceiling modification almost done now.  One last sanding tomorrow and it should be ready for paint.

Almost done.  It's a smooth transition now, and these two pieces are
structurally tied together now, so it should be stronger.

I'm moving the dinghy davit mount forward a few inches.  This will put the weight of the dinghy (almost 500 pounds) almost directly over the rear salon bulkhead, which will be much stronger.  With Sal's changes to the roof structure there (now 1.5" solid fiberglass) it's going to be bullet proof :-)

We got the new "Adagio" decals to put on the sides of the flybridge in today's mail.  I can't wait to put them up there to get an idea of what it will look like.

 I'll take some pics tomorrow of various projects and post them.

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