Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4, 2012 - project update

We are getting close to painting now.  The flybridge exterior is ready for paint.  The interior is 95% ready.  I've got the boat decks all done and ready for paint, except for the repairs that Sal is doing on the boat deck.  I decided to paint the bench seat on the flybridge, so that is eating up another day or two of time.  I had to grind out the cracks at the base, then fill them with a special epoxy filler.  I removed all the old snaps, countersunk the holes and filled the holes.  I ground out a few bigger flaws and filled them with fiberglass.  Tomorrow I'll sand all of that stuff smooth and also sand the entire bench seat.  Then it will be ready for paint.

Back of bench seat.  This entire wall is now going to be painted.  There
were a lot of cracks in the base of the seat, and there were at least a dozen
old snaps that were no longer being used.

Front of the bench seat.  We have nice new cushions for this sitting at home.
Example of the cracks I'm taking about.  They aren't structural at all.  But
they sure look bad and just painting over them doesn't hide them.
I also filled the deepest cracks in our three doors with special epoxy filler.  The ones that the high-build epoxy primer couldn't take care of.  I've got all three door frames sanded and soaked with penetrating epoxy.  the epoxy has now cured and is ready for me to lightly sand.  Then it's time for primer.

Salon door frame ready to be lightly sanded, All the wood plugs
 I made are sanded flush.  No exposed screws anywhere.
The starboard pilothouse door frame, ready for paint.

I removed the steps to the flybridge and I am repairing some damaged areas on that, fixing lots of cracks in the base, as well as filling some holes for snaps that had no purpose anymore.

Steps to the flybridge.  I have removed it and am repairing it.  It will get
painted too.  things are going to look nice and new when I'm done.

Repairs underway on the steps.
So, I might be ready for painting by the end of the week, but I have my doubts.  There are a lot of little things left to do, and it always takes longer than expected.  We will definitely be painting by next week.

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