Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012 - things are about to "pop"

I've got Sal back now!  He's done with the fishing boat.  He started painting parts from the boat today, and he finished fairing the boat deck repairs.  I took off some painted metal brackets and supports that were in poor shape, sandblasted them, painted them with Zinc Chromate primer, and handed them to Sal to paint.  They are going to look great very soon.

Dinghy davit modified.  I chopped off more than two inches so it could
go closer to a nice support wall which will make the davit system stronger.

Dinghy Davit base, shortened on one side by me, ready for paint.

The dinghy davit base, and two radar mast supports primed with epoxy primer.

Sal was busy today sanding our 3 doors and painting them with the finish primer.  There are looking GREAT!  Hard to believe they are 35 year old wood doors.  I can't wait to see them with the final paint.

One more time sanding them perfectly flat and then it's time for the final coat.

He also primed the two side panels outside the pilothouse doors, the escape hatch for the vee-berth, the stairs to the flybridge, and the boat deck repairs.
The flybridge steps.  Looking SO much better!

The escape hatch for the v-berth.   Also looking good.
The boat deck repairs primed.  I can't wait to see this deck with the final
coat of non-skid paint.  It will look great.

Sal had some left over primer so he had me prime the crack repairs I have done on the inside of the flybridge.  Two coats and it is starting to look finished again.
Flybridge bench seat cracks primed.  They were at the base of the seat.

Cracks primed on the flybridge interior.  Starting to look finished again.
I ordered the boat name decals for the side of the flybridge and they arrived yesterday.  So, just before I left today I taped one on the side to see how it looked.  I like it.  It has the protective paper cover over it so it's not as vivid as it will be when it is applied.
Our boat name "Adagio" which means slowly and gracefully
in Italian.

Next week should see all of the spray painting finished.  I may still have to paint the non-skid decks, but I hope to have all of the painting done by the end of next week.  I'm crossing my fingers.

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