Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15, 2014 - Newport Oregon wrap-up

Before Newport is just a memory I thought I should tell you about our last few days there.  We were planning to leave on Tuesday, but the weather just wasn't cooperating with our plans.  So we ended up with a few extra days there.  We took advantage of that time by taking a tour of the NOAA facility.  They have a little museum there, which is about all we saw of the inside.  We then got to go out to the docks where a few large boats are being decommissioned and will be auctioned off.  They are ex Navy mine-sweepers (if my memory is right).  Thanks to our slip neighbors Dean and Lynn for arranging the tour for us.  Unfortunately for them, they are Canadians, and as foreigner's they need 3 days advance notice before they can take a tour, so they could not tour NOAA along with us.  Dean and Lynn are on their big lifetime adventure aboard their 46' sailboat.  They are from Winnipeg and plan to be out sailing for years, now that they are retired.  They loaned us a huge DVD collection of kids movies.  I think our kids watched 3 of them.  Thanks Dean and Lynn!

We took a private tour of the NOAA facility in Newport.

We then walked over to the Hatfield Marine Science Center and spent a few hours inside learning all about the marine environment and wildlife.  It was GREAT and definitely a must see if you are even in Newport.  The kids spent at least an hour with their two wave pools.  They built Lego structures and then sent various computer controlled waves (of their choosing) at them to see if they could withstand the force of nature.  They even sent tsunami waves!  It was pretty cool.

Here Kevin and Cindy built a canal into a bay, complete with sea walls.  It easily
held up to the "Kevin powered" wave generator.  Great learning experience.
Kathy checks out a great fishing boat exhibit.  The Hatfield Science Center is very
well done.

Kevin still does not believe this is a real submarine, that a full-sized
adult can fit in.  But it is, trust me!
We took the bus back over the bridge and into town where we did some provisioning at Fred Meyer.  We also stopped at that playground again and let the kids play for about 90 minutes.  They really liked it as it was more challenging than most playground structures.

Cindy makes a paper mache Stonehenge as part of home school.

Kevin at home school, or should we call it boat school?

University of WA research vessel in Newport.  Steve's alma mater.  Go Huskies!!

Newport was a great stop.  We were here longer than expected, but in Newport it's OK.  There is plenty to do here.

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