Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 4, 2014 - Astoria, continued....

We are still in Astoria and very much enjoying it.  Our folding mountain bikes have proven to be a great asset here.  We have taken several bike rides now, and I think we've logged about 32-35 miles on them here.  It is great exercise, and we certainly cover a lot of ground quickly.  Today we rode the bikes up hill after hill, to the Astoria Column.  It is located up high over the city.  The 360 view is spectacular.

Astoria column home page

I think we might have some sore legs tomorrow.  We have done a lot of biking here in Astoria.

Homeschool was much quicker today.  Both Cindy and Kevin were done around 12;30 today.  Kathy and I certainly hope that it is more like this everyday so we have the afternoons free to explore wherever we might be.

Astoria has been a great stop, but it is time to move on.  The conditions offshore are improving and should be quite favorable tomorrow and for the next few days.  Kathy's Mom and aunt's are in Garibaldi/Tilimook right now and we were hoping to stop in for a visit.  But, after calling the Coast Guard station in Garibaldi this afternoon and talking to a very helpful man there for about 20 minutes, we have decided it is just not worth the risks.  The winds will be a little strong there tomorrow, there is a chance of fog, and the best time to transit is between 10:00AM-10:30AM.  But we are 7 hours away which would mean leaving Astoria at about 3:00AM, and the conditions here are not so good at that hour. We are all about safety, and taking a chance here at the Columbia River Bar (the GRAVEYARD of the Pacific), or arriving at the wrong time in Garibaldi are just not part going to be part of our plans.  Safety first.

Tomorrow we will leave ion the afternoon, after home schooling is done.  It will be about an 18 hour transit to Newport Oregon and will  be our first overnighter.  I'm fine with this as I've done it for about 12 days on prior trips coming up from San Francisco to Seattle.  Kathy on the other is not so ready to do this.  We will head way offshore so that we can get into much deeper water for a smoother ride, and so we can get away from all the crab/shrimp floats that exist in shallower waters.  The boat is ready.  I ready.  Kathy will quickly gain confidence, and I will be sleeping on the pilt berth in the pilothouse, just 10 feet from her if she has any doubts.  I can be awake in seconds to help her out.  I am actually looking forward to this.  We will have several more overnighter's in Mexico before reaching Cabo, so we need to start getting used to it now.

Specacular view of the Columbia River from the Astoria Tower

The impressive Astoria Tower
The kids put pennies on the Tolly train tracks.  It was a lot
or fun for them.

The kids getting ready to work on THEIR blog entry!

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