Friday, September 26, 2014

September 24, 2014 - Crescent City, CA

At was an easy trip from Coos Bay to Crescent City.  The weather had been a bit bad wile in Coos Bay so we waited until conditions improved.  As soon as we had a good weather window, we left.  We spent several days in Crescent City, California, which is just a few miles from the Redwood Forest.  We took a cab one morning to the forest and hiked through the redwoods at the Jedediah Smith Memorial Park.  We strolled among the largest and oldest trees in the world for about 4 hours, and 5 miles.  The trails were great, and the trees were huge.   Some of the trees are estimated to be almost 2000 years old!!!  They are awe inspiring. although I think Kathy and I appreciated the Redwood Forest more than Cindy and Kevin.

Cindy in front of a giant Redwood tree.
The trees are HUGE

Close-up of the root ball.  The Redwoods are impressive.
Cindy working on her "park ranger" activity book which she picked up at
the ranger station in the park.

We also rode our bikes into town and found a great playground that the kids enjoyed.  We went to Safeway and even Papa Murphy's to re-provision for a the next leg of our trip.

The kids getting a big spin on the tire swing.
I get dizzy just watching them spin!
Great playground in Crescent City.
The kids on a concrete breakwater construction block.  They used hundreds
of these to built the breakwater for the marina.

Another town, another anchor  :-)

Our new friends on "Pesto" (the Brazilian Family with two children) ended up next to us in the marina.  We got together a few times with them.  The kids played games together for an hour or two, while we adults got better acquainted.  They are a really nice family and we look forward to seeing them all many more times.  It was great to see our kids having so much fun with their new friends.  We look forward to many more meetings with them in the future, as we have the same general travel itinerary as they do.
Pesto and Adagio safely tied to the new docks in Crescent City

The marina in Crescent City was completely rebuilt after the Tsunami wiped it out.  I have never seen a marina built this tough.  It has the biggest pilings I've seen, and they are very closely spaced.  The docks are concrete and appear to be very heavily built.  I think they may have built a Tsunami-proof marina.

The marina at Crescent BEFORE the Tsunami

The marina AFTER the Tsunami.  Yikes!!!

Cindy showing how large these piling are.  Huge.

Our kitty Zappa checking out the docks.

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