Thursday, September 4, 2014

September 4, 2014 - BF - Astoria, OR

 Hi, (or as mom and dad would put it, Hi to all)

     Kevin and Cindy reporting for duty! Have any of you read Captain Underpants? Well, In the fourth book, The Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants, they give you a weird name. Kevin's is Flunky GirdleChunks and I (Cindy) am Buttercup GirdleChunks. The BF is our first initials of our "code name". All of our posts will have our "code name" initials after the date. Remember that now.
     Today we were walking around Astoria when Flunky had an idea. We put a penny on the Astoria Waterfront Trolley's train tracks and waited for the trolley to come around the corner. When it came, it ran over the penny. The penny was then flattened and bent during the process as the trolley passed. When we picked the penny up, it was hot and bent. Then Buttercup had an idea! I knew that we had two more pennies and had gum with us! As the trolley came back around, Flunky quickly stuck his gum on the train tracks and I stuck a penny in it. The trolley crushed the penny into a smooth oval and the gum was carried away on the wheel of the trolley! We then found the penny and tried it again with the next. For some reason, I didn't work! Later, Flunky accidentally put too much gum on the track and the gum stretched all the way around the wheel. The penny was still in it's original shape, and was a little bit dirty.
     Later, we went up on our bikes to the Astoria Column! We were all tired when we got to the base of the tower from pedaling hard up a very steep hill. There was 164 steps inside the tower! It was beautiful and also very high up so a little bit scary... At the top, their was 2 people that each had a wooden glider. They had bought it from the souvenir shop down at the bottom, and one of the guys had thrown his glider off of the tower. It flipped around and around and glided in a spiral motion downwards! The glider then landed in the bushes. Then the second man threw his glider off of the column and it spiraled down and landed closer to us than the other plane did, but still in the bushes. Then we rode down the hills back to the marina on our bikes.
     Finally, we went to a brewery to eat. At the desk of the hostess, their was a huge bowl of candy! As the hostess went off to get someone seated, Flunky and I each grabbed a handful of candy and shoved it in mom's backpack. We both giggled quietly... When we were leaving, we grabbed one more handful each and shoved it in the backpack and walked out smiling. Hee hee hee...
     We started homeschooling this week but we don't have much to say yet so our next topic will include homeschooling thoughts and other stuff like that.

- Buttercup GirdleChunks

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  1. Excellent blog, Steve! Make sure you catch some of those tasty albacore on the way south!

    We'll be following your travels south- and eventually making the trip ourselves!

    Pete & Kathy (your former insurance guy!)
    MV Pau Hana