Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 14, 2014 - Bahia Tortuga Part II

A few final comments and pictures from our stay in the picturesque little town.
Homeschool modified.  The kids will not remember how to sit in a chair at a desk!

Cindy and Kevin spent time in the water on the surfboards

Zappa enjoying the nice weather

Zappa watching our evening catch with nets from underwater lights

This Pelican really liked our underwater lights, right off our swimstep!
 The town brought a new understanding from Cindy and Kevin on how the Mexican's live.  We walked around town and purchased some goods at a grocery.  There were several small ones and even looking at selection etc brought a new awareness.  Cindy will be writing about a comparison composition on it, started it today.  Below is a shot of a wonderful bar and great food that our group of cruisers kept busy for a week.
The restaurant/bar Maria's right at the beach. We could get access from our boat too. 

Below is a picture of everyone (minus one man with a bad back).  What a great group of cruisers from the Pacific Northwest!  Can't believe we just met them when they were so close to home from us, Bellingham area, Seattle and Canada.
They are from the vessels; Namaste, The Red Thread, Kialoa, Tappan Zee,  Sea Rover II, and Astraea.
The Sailing Group we became a part of.  A fun group.
We were sad leaving the group first and that one or more of them we would not see again.  Some we will meet again (or are at least hoping to).  Many are on the same voyage to Cabo and then people will scatter but everyone runs at different speeds and has different stops along the way.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful joyous holiday season!  We miss family and friends and wish you all the best.

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