Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 22, 2014 - Cabo San Lucas Part II

All we can say about Cabo is WOW!  A nice stop but very busy there.  Jet ski’s, panga’s, and boat tours galore all running in front or behind us all day long.  The music went it seemed throughout the entire night!  Multiple resorts had big parties going on.  Two and a half days was enough for us there. 

We were able to meet up with our cruiser friends several times during the few days in Cabo.  We met for dinner/drinks/snacks a couple times.  One afternoon we congregated out at Lover’s beach for snorkeling and conversation.  Getting out from Lover’s beach, we were the one dinghy that almost flipped in the waves but were able to quickly save it and get out past the breaking waves.  It was extremely crowded out there.  We then took the dinghy by the arch that makes Cabo recognizable to people from pictures.   

Cabo has certainly grown and changed since we were here last many years ago.  The marina has been built up with stores and shopping and there are many more resorts along the beach.  We walked around town a bit but also in an effort to find a Super Mercado.  We should have walked up to Walmart as we could not find any selection of fruit and veggies in the little markets.  I am going through vegetable withdrawals here!  Next stop is San Jose Del Cabo for Christmas.  Since we will be on a dock, we will probably bicycle over to town with backpacks and bags and stock up on groceries. 
Dragging one of the dinghies ashore at Lover's beach

Cindy and Journey (sv Namaste) out snorkeling

Fun on the rocks at Lover's beach

Lover's Beach.  Cindy and Kevin on rocks

Eating out with sv Namaste and sv The Red Thread

Feliz Navidad

Cindy catches fish with just a net

Cindy and Kevin at the arch

At the town square

Town square Christmas Tree

An example of all the action behind us

Cindy and Kevin snorkeling off the boat
A ray swimming around our boat enjoying plankton or such with the blue lights
Sea lions get the leftover bait, interesting!

Cruise ship anchored nearby, out our starboard salon window
Making sugar cookies for Christmas

A woman at the restaurant making salsa to your liking!

Cindy and Kevin along a mexican street

Shops galore - everything "almost free" as they say

Still seeing hurricane damage although the marina was mostly repaired

Feliz Navidad!