Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 18, 2014 - Bahia Santa Maria

Bahia Tortuga to Abreojos(we thought and left) but then on to Santa Maria Cove.  We had planned a stop at Abreojos but the seas with wind just made it a horrible stopover.  We anchored and set nice but with the NW sea swell and the east wind waves, we were a rocking even with our anchor stablizers down (the flopper stoppers).  Steve thought the anchor stabilizers might break it was so bad.  About a half hour later and the family agreed, let's just go south for another 24 hours!  The seas calmed in the afternoon and it was smooth motoring.   

We now seem to love these legs of our voyage that require overnight passages.  We do suffer with some sleep deprivation but on our vessel that floats every day, there is never a full solid night sleep whether at rest or moving!  When at anchor or sometimes at docks, we always need more time to rest as our senses keep us tuned to listen to any noise or creak and listen to the winds to make sure our home is safe.  When at home we survived on 6-7 hours a night, here we seem to be living needing more like 9 hours.  Of course, we wake many times during the night with the sounds and reality of a moving home.  OK, back to our voyage here as I write and listen to 20+ knot winds and that we are planning an early departure tomorrow for Cabo San Lucas for the next stop 30 hours away (and by the way almost the only choice as there are no stops in between).  The wind is howling outside and I guess just a bit over what they were saying it might be.  

We have had a nice time here in Santa Maria Cove.  We came in and the only vessel and thought it odd and wondered why only us.  Soon after, other vessels have come and gone.  The local community here is I would estimate less than 30 people and have not even come out to offer fish or anything, although the panga fisherman come and go following close to the shoreline and their line from fishing grounds to home.    We have wanted to get into the estuary but looking at breaking waves and even some beach landings, chose not to give it a try.  We have been swimming each day and having fun.  The water is about 74 degrees now and sometimes warmer than the air.

OK, no ET here, just a view of our spotlight easily seen with sunrise upon us

Pilothouse is a glow with instruments that help guide us on this trip to Santa Maria

a perfect sunrise!

Kevin on bow, we were watching dolphins.

Santa Maria Cove looking west at sunset

Steve, Cindy and Kevin - at sunset, looking west

fishing, ok, pole caught first little fishy without us helping

Next fishy, 12 inches or so.........

swimming off the boat

OK, so there was pot line wrapped around the port shaft and prop.  Not anymore!
Now we know why the port was running a bit slow compared to starboard!
Had to go under the boat and cut this off.

We (Kathy and Cindy) hiked up for this shot of the bay.  Adagio with 3 other sail vessels.

Cindy just before heading back down for beach pick-up

Interesting crab around the rocks here in the bay

Swimming off the boat, last afternoon here!

We were happy to see some of our most recent friends from Tortuga sail in or around over the last days.  Seems everyone is making their way south.  Steve and I spent a few hours on s/v Tappan Zee this afternoon while the kids stayed on the boat and we enjoyed wonderful company and being reminded of the inspiration that surrounds our voyage and so many others out here.  The winds are still blowing over 20 knots tonight but we are planning to head south tomorrow to Cabo San Lucas which we estimate will take us about 30 hours.  

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