Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 1, 2015 - Melaque

After a nice calm evening in Santiago Bay we pulled the anchor at first light and motored to Bahia De Navidad, the location of the town of Melaque.  It ended up being a bit of a rough ride.  So rough that Kevin got sea sick with only a few miles to go before reaching Melaque.  This is the first time he has been sea sick this entire tip.  Our cat was also a little sick, but just barely.  So, I (Steve) am now the only one that hasn't been sea sick on our 6 months of travel.

We anchored in front of the beautiful sand beach of Melaque and the kids started home school.  A few hours later our friends on sv Zoe B arrived.  They told us they had caught 3 large yellow fin tuna on their trip up from Carrizal.  they asked if we like to help them eat some of it for dinner.  How could we refuse that offer?

sv Zoe B. passing Roca Bandera on her way into Bahia De Navidad.
 After Zoe B settled in we took our dinghy over to get them, and two of the tuna.  They caught some large fish last year just outside of Melaque and had taken it to a waterfront restaurant in town where they prepared it for free, and kept the extra to sell to other customers.  So, we were headed there again this year.  We dropped off the fish and then walked around town for 90 minutes.

Picking up the crew of Zoe B.  We are headed to town to enjoy a fresh
Tuna dinner

Hal and Zoe show off their catch.  NICE

Samara, Steve, and Paul enjoying a nice cold beer.

Zoe, Kevin, Cindy, Hal, Samara, Paul, and Steve at the restaurant where
we enjoyed the wonderful Tuna.

The sea water has cooled off a bit.  When we were here last it was about 77 degrees, now it is down to 71.  That's still swimmable, but not nearly as comfortable as we have gotten used to in the past month.

Melaque is a very cute town with some excellent little stores for provisioning.

Melaque waterfront

A brown Boobie bird diving, amazing to watch them fold up.....

A crazy sign!  Just look a little bit closer!

Kevin and Hal sitting on the beach

The walk along peninsula looking back toward beach

Melaque from the walk
Adagio among the boats in the anchorage

The walk along the water, just beautiful

an amphitheater along the walk

Looking back at town from our walk

Hot dog rides from pangas are popular down here.  Adagio in background.

Kevin and Cindy walking on the nice sand beach

Last look at sv Zoe B as they head into Barra de Navidad,
They are heading back to Colorado in two weeks.

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