Monday, March 16, 2015

March 12, 2015 - Tres Mariatas, East Island

We woke up just before dawn to make a trip to the east island and visit a hidden beach.  Tourism is big out there and tour boats bringing hundreds of people every day start to arrive as early as 9AM, we soon found out.  We were there by 8AM and quickly got into the water, swam through the arch and into the hidden beach.  Once again we were the only people on the island so our experience was amazing.  We had the kids wear wetsuits once again since it was early and a bit chilly.  Steve ended up getting stung a few times by those seemingly invisible jellyfish.  I was lucky and survived without any.

The small beach was absolutely beautiful.   We can't imagine having to come here with tourists, they must be all over each other.  There were caves to explore and fun boogie boarding by the kids when the waves were good coming through the small tunnel-like opening.  We spent about 40 minutes ton the hidden beach and swam out just as a (Puerto) Vallarta Adventures catamaran (perhaps 80' long) was arriving with a large flock of tourists.  We swam directly to our boat and quickly got aboard, started the engines and untied from the buoy as we had tied to the one closest to the opening.  The tour boat immediately took the buoy we had just vacated.  Once we were out a ways, we shut down the engines and the kids jumped into the water to wash off some sand that got into their bathing suits.  What a way to start the day, having already seen an amazing site by 9am, without the crowds that would exist for the rest of the day.  The early bird gets the worm :-)

Our next stop was only a few hours into Banderas Bay at the La Cruz anchorage so we were anchored by 12noon, in very familiar surroundings.

Just before swimming in the tunnel to the hidden beach.
BTW - everyone loves Kevin's swim goggles!  They look like sunglasses.

Cindy on the small beach, checking out the rocks
 that she obtained by diving for them.

Cactus living on the edge of the crater

Looking at the hidden beach from the tunnel entrance
Adagio as seen through the tunnel.

inside view of the crater and it's hidden beach
View from the opposite side of the crater.
Exploring the cave at one end of the crater.

Cindy and Kevin from the cave area, looking toward the beach
Kids boogie boarding in the entrance tunnel, and a look around the crater.

Cindy and Kevin rinsing the sand off after we left the buoy

Puerto Vallarta Adventures taking over the buoy that we "borrowed"
in the early morning.

Pictures from the internet showing the crater and beach


  1. So cool. Another place to put on our list. So are you guys using the SSB much? Sounds like the VHF net is a great resource.

    1. Hi Ray,

      Not using SSB much. I do listen some mornings to Picante Net and Amigo Net for weather, but all the same info is available on the web and VHF net. When no internet is available then we fall back to SSB. Get a WiFi amp and external antenna. There are lots of wifi hotspots you can access from the anchorages if you have a good external antenna with amp. Also, a USB cell modem (Banda Ancha) is great. Telcel just stopped selling them though. Seems only boaters were buying them anymore. Telcel data coverage is great almost everywhere so far. I can give you more info about wifi and cell if you want.

      Hope you guys are doing great!


  2. So cool. Another place to put on our list. So are you guys using the SSB much? Sounds like the VHF net is a great resource.