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March 7, 2015 - Tenacatita

We left at first light for another voyage north as they all will be from now on.  It was a fairly smooth 4 hour trip for us, nice after the last one which was a bit on the rough side.  We wanted to head to “the aquarium” anchorage near the north end entrance of the bay.  What a wonderful sight to see some whales again, they are always so graceful and awe inspiring to watch.  As we came in to the anchorage the swells were a bit large and we knew it would be uncomfortable not to mention snorkeling the reef would be impossible due to the breaking waves over the coral (snorkeling was the whole purpose to go there).  We decided to instead go in to the main anchorage.  Weather was due in the following day so moving to the main anchorage was already in our plans, to wait out the weather.  By weather, we consider wind, swell height, and swell period for where we want to anchor, and when we want to move.   We stayed 4 days which was longer than we wanted but we did have a marvelous time.  The bay has no amenities or provisioning, just one palapa with a limited menu and open from maybe 12-5pm.
Whale at entrance to bay
The entrance to bay and near Aquarium anchorage, large swells!

Steve had some time to do some work on the underside or in the water. Snorkeling and changing the zinc's on the rudders.
Steve got down under boat and changed rudder zincs.  New and old in hand......
Pictures below include swimming, surf boarding, skim boarding, boogie boarding, and our new sport of kayak surfing.  We never took the big dinghy down on this stop, just kayaks and surf boards and boogie boards to shore.  Lots of fun as this is one of the best beaches we have played on.  There was some learning this time figuring out how to stand up on the surfboard prior to the wave breaking which both kids did.  These waves were a different experience than the almost perfect surfing waves back in San Diego.  They figured out how to surf this particular wave break so it was a milestone for them.  With the kayak surfing the challenge was to keep it going straight down the wave face.  It it started to turn and went to far around, over you went rolling in the surf.  It was pretty fun.

Surfers and skim boarder
Nice wave!  Trying to stand up on the surfboards.
Kevin on what he labels, his surf board
Steve caught some waves too
Kevin trying to get past this one

One of Cindy's first prior to curling


Cindy likes to chat while skim boarding

Pelicans like to fish along the breaking waves

A favorite photo if mine of Cindy
Steve on his way out over the waves
Heading out for some waves
Kevin riding a wave in
Steve catching one - front end is a little low.......
Cindy trying it out, everyone did tip the kayak in the beginning

 We are still fishing with nets most nights.  Zappa is expecting it and waits right at the door with his nose up to it.  If you go by he lets you know he wants out and expects a little fish snack.  Our last night, after several nights not fishing due to quite a few bugs in the evenings and mornings, Cindy went out and the first fish she caught Zappa grabbed the net as he wanted the fish.  Cindy caught a couple new looking fish this time and a seahorse which was fun to look at. 
Sea Horse and other fish Cindy caught

During our time there we wanted to go to La Manzanilla, across the bay.  We should have taken a taxi!  We got over there and the swell was horrible.  We anchored fine and thought about swimming to shore at least for a while but then decided it was just too horrible.  We spent about 15 minutes and then started up and left.   Another three hour tour and we were back to the anchorage for the next few days waiting for weather.  Looks like a cute town and we missed a crocodile sanctuary that we heard is interesting. 
Leaving La Manzanilla.  It is smooth away from shore, but it was pretty rough
where you anchored,

We have said goodbye (probably not for long) to some sailors, Tom and Annie on the sv Tappen Zee.  This couple is one from the Umbrella Dumpers group so we have seen them on and off since December when we first met in Ensenada.  They are headed north as we are so we expect to cross paths again.  Tom bakes a tradional belgium (I think) cookie that we have been the happy recipients of several times as they make rounds in the anchorage and hand them out to everyone.  

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