Monday, March 16, 2015

March 10, 2015 - Punta de Mita

Yes, we have been here before when we traveled southbound.  We wanted to stop here as the previous visit was quick and it does seem to be a wonderful location.  After leaving Tres Marietas, we came here in the afternoon and planned to spend a day or two prior to a trip over to La Cruz.  This town is quite different than La Cruz in that this is entirely tourism based.  This is a small town catering to some higher end condominiums and resorts with golf courses.  On our short voyage we were again treated to sights of whales near by.  We had planned to stay here and possibly go out to the area where you can surf, back toward the outside of the bay, just using our dinghy.  This time here though there has been no swell and we see no pangas taking people out surfing.  We never did go out there surfing.
There are some nice resorts at Punta De Mita
The anchorage.  it got quite busy as this seems to be the starting point north
or south when leaving Banderas Bay.  When we arrived there were just a few boats.
We had noticed a Mexican Navy vessel come in and anchor.  Low and behold at about 5pm they lowered an inflatable boat with three gentleman and started visiting the anchored vessels.  They got to us fairly quickly which was nice.  They asked to board so one man stayed in the boat and one with a gun on our swim step and the last came aboard and did the usual checking of our papers and asking Steve his age, again!  I made a quick mention that we were boarded yesterday in Chamela.  They are so very nice though so no complaints on our part.  This time they asked if we had any guns onboard.  Steve made a joke stating just the one back there on the swimstep, speaking of the Mexican navy fellow on our swimstep armed with a machine gun.  He laughed.  Sometimes we are more serious if they are, but this group was very easy going and friendly.

After we anchored earlier that day, we heard traffic on VHF 22 which has been very quiet since leaving Tenecatita many days ago.  We heard our old friends sv Flying Squirrel hail another vessel so we hailed them soon after.  We knew they were headed north soon and that they may have still been in Nuevo Vallarta.  Through heavy static we understood they were leaving that evening from the marina and headed north.  We asked them to hail us when they are passing by so we could chat for a few minutes.  That evening to our surprise they headed right next to us and told us they planned to anchor overnight.  What a wonderful surprise!  They came over after dinner and the kids had one last sleepover.  Dave, Amy, Steve and I got to chat in the pilothouse while the kids talked and watched a movie in the salon.  Morgan and Matthew stayed the night and the kids had one last time to be together.  sv Flying Squirrel was headed north in the morning.  They are planning to bash their way up Baja hitting San Diego by early June so we may not see them again.  But we might see them in San Fransisco (where they lived before this trip) or if they end up settling in Denver (Where we could see them if we go visit Kathy's brother and family).
Another beautiful sunset, sv Fying Squirrel in the photo
Morgan and Matthew waiting for us to pick them up with our dinghy
Morgan and Cindy fishing and giving Zappa fresh fish for dessert
Brown Boobie Bird on our Bow - heheheheheheh
Pelicans flying by, they skim the water so gracefully
That brown Boobie bird looking right at me
They are very graceful birds.  Their feathers are so fine they look like fur.

sv Flying Squirrel leaving, heading northbound
Walking through town in Punta de Mita

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  1. What a great shot of that boobie's face. I love all the pictures you post!!!

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